Wooden Cat Trees

Giving your cat a place where it can climb and play will protect the furniture and accessories in your house. 

A wooden cat tree offers multiple benefits. Your cat will be able to climb and exercise to stay in great shape. It will also be able to stretch its muscles and stay healthy if it doesn’t go out a lot.

Moreover, most of these wooden trees feature multiple textures to allow the cat to sharpen its claws or sleep on a comfortable plush material. 

In this article, we’ll discuss the features of the best wooden cat tree. We’ll also list the best products on the market, but if you are in a hurry you can use our quick reference table below of our favourites: 

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Features of the Best Wooden Cat Tree

Finding a good wooden cat tree will keep your kitty in excellent health as it provides it with the perfect spot where it can enjoy its time. Here are some of the features of the best wooden cat tree. 

Sturdy Construction

A well-made wooden tree can withstand the weight of multiple cats. This means that the felines in your house will enjoy their time without fighting with each other. Pick a tree with a sturdy base that won’t wobble if your cat jumps on it. The screws should also secure the posts and platforms in place. 

Multiple Platforms

Having a tree with multiple platforms and playing spots will make your felines happy and keep them entertained. If you have several cats in the house, you need to make sure that there’s a comfortable spot where each one can relax, play, and nap, without bothering the other felines. 


Cats love to curl up and hideaway, so if your wooden cat tree includes a cave or condo they will enjoy spending time there. More curious cats will prefer sitting on a top bed that allows them to watch their surroundings. 

You can also choose a wooden tree with a hammock where a bigger cat can nap. You should choose a wooden tree with dangling balls that will keep your cat entertained. 

Jumping and playing on the wooden tree will be an excellent opportunity for an indoor cat to stay in shape. Your cat will also be able to stretch its muscles to stay healthy and fit. 

Scratching areas

As we discussed in our article on the best scratching post for your cat, cats will scratch to stretch their bodies, keep their claws sharp and also because is it is natural instinct.

Most wooden cat trees will feature some rough scratching posts, and the best material for these is usually Mexican sisal rope as it shreds easily. 

Some trees will also have some rough patches where the cat can scratch its body while napping or lounging. 

Sleeping areas

Cats can sleep anywhere, and some wooden cat trees will feature comfortable cushions for them to curl up and have a nap.

You should make sure that the plush material is removable and easy to clean. This will guarantee that the wooden tree will always be healthy and ready for use.

Wooden Cat Tree Reviews

The right wooden cat tree is where your cat can climb, play, stretch, and even scratch its claws. If you have multiple kitties in the house, the tree will be the spot where they play and interact with each other. Check out our top picks.

Vesper V-High Base Cat Furniture Tree

  • 2 platform wooden cat tree
  • Soft memory foam cushions for comfort
  • Relaxing box where your cat can nap
  • Scratching sisal posts
  • Rattan balls for play

This wooden tree is an excellent choice if you have multiple cats in the house. They will be able to interact, play, and stretch their bodies comfortably. There’s even a box where your cat can sleep or enjoy a peaceful nap if it wants to enjoy some privacy. 

It features 2 platforms that will encourage your feline to jump to stay in shape. The soft memory foam cushions will provide your kitty with a comfortable surface where it can relax and sleep. The cushions are washable, so they will always be ready for use. 

Your kitty will be able to scratch its claws and get rid of the frayed layer, thanks to the scratching sisal posts. The MDF base will keep the whole tree steady, and the square base allows you to fit it in a corner. There are dangling rattan balls that can keep your feline busy and entertained for hours. 

Because it’s sturdy and well-made, this wooden tree will work for a heavier kitty. However, it’s more expensive than other models on the market. 

Yaheetech Cat Tree Tower with Litter Box Enclosure

  • All in one set up
  • Includes cat house and cat litter cabinet
  • Sturdy design supports multiple cats
  • Comfortable top perch
  • Sisal scratching posts

This beautifully designed piece of furniture from Yaheetech combines a small cat tree with a fully functional cat litter enclosure.

This is an all in one set up that provides everything that your pet needs in a single place. We love the wooden cabinet at the bottom of the tree which is a good place to keep the litter box. There is also a small cat house with cushion which is a great place to rest.

The cat tree features a comfortable place for your cat to sit and watch the world go by, with a cushioned perch. There are also two sisal scratching posts and a side platform with a hanging ball for play.

A fantastic all-in-one option which is also good for multiple cats.

PawHut Wood Cat Tree

  • Sturdy MDF construction
  • Portable and lightweight cat tree
  • Rounded corners to protect kittens
  • Multiple opportunities for climbing and playing
  • Removable soft cushions

Thanks to its rounded corners and sturdy MDF construction, this wooden tree is the perfect choice for a house with kittens and multiple cats. It features a comfortable cave where your cat can nap and sleep comfortably. There’s also a dangling ball that will keep your cat entertained for hours. 

The design offers multiple opportunities for climbing and playing, so your cat will enjoy its time to the maximum. The tree will also keep the muscles stimulated, keeping your cat in excellent shape and health. 

Sleeping on the soft cushions will keep your feline warm in cold weather. The cushions are removable for easy cleaning. This tree is space-saving and easy to assemble. It’s a lightweight option that you can move from one spot to another, so you can set it up at your kitty’s favourite spot. 

The posts are covered with sisal rope, so your feline can scratch its claws. However, this cat tree will wobble if you have a bigger cat. 

Finether Cat Furniture Cat Tree

  • Well made MDF tree with multiple platforms
  • Can withstand the weights of 3 big felines
  • Multiple spots where your cats can sleep, play, and relax
  • Sisal scratching posts
  • Soft faux fur to keep your cat warm and comfy

Your cats will love this tree because they can play, relax, and slide safely away from your furniture. It features a comfortable cube where your feline can take a quick nap and a bed with raised sides where it can sit to watch the surroundings. There’s a hammock at the bottom and a slide where your felines can enjoy their time. 

This is a sturdy MDF tree with multiple platforms to accommodate several cats. It’s durable enough to withstand the weight of 3 cats, as long as each one of them weighs less than 7kgs.

It features 4 sisal ropes, and there’s an extra sisal patch on the slide where your kitty can scratch its body and claws. You can easily clean this tree using a vacuum cleaner.

The plush faux fur feels soft against the cat’s sensitive skin, and keeps it warm in cold weather. The tree also features a dangling ball that can keep a curious cat entertained for hours. 


Buying a good wooden cat tree provides your feline with the perfect spot where it can exercise and stay healthy.

Any of the options we have highlighted above would make a great choice, although we particularly like the Vesper V-High Base Cat Furniture Tree.

This is because it features 2 platforms that can make your kitties happy and comfortable. There’s a special cave for a shy cat and dangling rattan balls that will keep your feline entertained for hours. 

Other options for scratching areas for your cat include large cat trees, floor to ceiling cat trees and novelty items such as cactus scratching trees and flower cat trees. There are also cat scratching barrels available.

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