Best Floor to Ceiling Cat Trees

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If you've recently decided your furbaby needs some extra toys in the house, you will not be disappointed with a floor to ceiling cat tree.

As you know it’s in their nature to love being up high, and cat trees give them that satisfaction.

Below, you'll learn about three different floor to ceiling cat trees to decide which one will be best for your cat.

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Features and Benefits of Floor to Ceiling Cat Trees

There are many advantages in purchasing a floor to ceiling cat tree.

Cat trees give cats a sacred place of their own that only they can reach. When they need time away from other animals, or children in the house, this can be their haven.


A good quality floor to ceiling cat tree should provide everything your cat needs in terms of play and rest.

As floor to ceiling cat trees are so tall, they are packed with features that your cat will love, including hammocks, dangling toys, scratching posts and ledges for them to rest and watch the world go by.

You should look for cat trees made of sturdy materials like solid hardwood, tight ropes, scratching posts, and hardy carpeting.

As we mentioned in our post on the best scratching posts and cat scratching barrels, the scratching areas will provide a place for your cat to stretch as well as sharpen her claws. The scratching areas should be made from quality material like sisal rope.

Cats will also love places to hide away with many trees equipped with condos or sleeping areas. If you have multiple cats, you'll want to make sure there's more than one ledge that the cat can rest on; otherwise, you may find yourself with a catfight!


The unique feature of floor to ceiling cat trees is that they will lodge in the space between your floor and ceiling.

The will provide a serious talking point in your home, but as room sizes can vary dramatically you should ensure that the tree you are buying fits the space in your house.

Other large cat trees are available that don’t stretch all the way to the ceiling, so if you can’t find a tree to fit then there are plenty of other options! Some of these are Wooden Cat Trees or Flower Cat Trees which can be as high as 190cm so they are worth considering.

Floor to Ceiling Cat Tree Reviews

CA&T Floor to Ceiling Cat Tree

  • Easy to assemble
  • Poles are extendable and adjustable
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Good value

This floor to ceiling cat tree by CA&T is one of our recommendations and for good reasons.

This cat tree is easy to assemble, and it has expandable and thicker platforms compared to others.

The material is an extremely durable sisal rope so as not to worry whether or not it'll hold up.

The rope also extends throughout the entire cat tree, and the ledges contain a comfortable material to keep your cat warm when resting. There are three ledges which is an excellent feature if you have multiple cats.

This cat tree's dimensions are 288cm Height x 28cm Width x 27cm Diameter with extendable posts as mentioned before.

Also, the posts can be slightly adjusted so that cats can quickly jump from one ledge to another.

This floor to ceiling cat tree is very good value and would be a great addition to your home.

PawHut Floor to Ceiling Cat Tree 220-265cm

  • Activity centre with several features
  • Includes cosy perches for cats to rest
  • Secure and sturdy
  • Perfect for 2-3 cats

The Pawhut Floor to Ceiling Cat Tree is a great option as it is packed with features that your cat will love.

As well as including cosy perches for your cat to rest and enjoy the view, this cat tree also includes a condo, a side bed and several jumping platforms.

It also includes a sisal rope covered scratching post, which helps to encourage positive scratching behaviour and protect furniture.

Furthermore, soft plush covers all of the boards to keep your cat comfortable.

The cat tree ranges in height from 220-265cm and can be attached to the ceiling if required. An excellent cat tree and adventure centre which is perfect for 2-3 cats.

Yaheetech Cat Tree Floor To Ceiling Cat Tower

  • Adjustable top post between 228cm - 255cm
  • Quality materials
  • Great range of features

The Yaheetech Floor to Ceiling Cat Tower is our final recommendation, which is sometimes referred to as the Porsche of all Cat Trees!

Similarly to the Purlove Cat Tower, it offers a range of features including two roomy condos, a ladder for climbing, play toys and sisal rope covered scratching areas.

A great feature is that the top post can be adjusted between 228cm – 255cm, which means that it will fit into a number of different sized rooms.

The Yaheetech Cat Tree is made from safe and eco-friendly materials, which means that it is soft and comfortable for your cat and good for the environment.

A fantastic all-round floor to ceiling cat tree.


A floor to ceiling cat tree will provide a stunning addition to your home and a great place for your cat to rest, sleep and play.

With a great range of cat trees and towers available, find a tree to suit your home and your budget and your cat will have hours of fun!

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