Images of Tortoiseshell Cats

Tortoiseshell Cat Pictures

We love seeing Tortoisehell Cat pictures with their beautiful coats and distinct personality. We know they get up to all sorts of mischief as well as looking incredible cute.

Our gallery of includes torties from all over the world, and they are all a member of our ‘Tortie Club’.

If you would like to join and be featured in the gallery below, please sign up using the form at the top of this website.

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8 thoughts on “Images of Tortoiseshell Cats”

  1. I also have a spoiled, amazing Tortie and would love to show her off. But there’s nothing at top of the page that allows me to join to upload a picture. Please advise.


  2. I have a tortie named Buttercup because she’s colored like a peanut butter cup. Would love to leave pictures. Maybe even get help identifying her breed. She was a rescue. We found her in the woods screaming & crying. She may have been a couple months old. She’s just about a year old now & she’s turning this gray color, her tail is light gray underneath along with the fur on the back of her legs & her belly. It’s the weirdest thing. Oh & tortitude. Whew… she’s as strong willed as my 9yo. (Whom she actually belongs to, he is on the spectrum & oh he loves this cat)

  3. Oh my. They’re all just beautiful. Lovely, awesome fur colorings and patterns. And lovely, simply gorgeous eye colors. There’s plenty of “tortitude” on display, as well as the sweetness they all have. I’d love to post some pictures of my tortoiseshell, Whimsy. She doesn’t care for her picture being taken, but I do it anyway, cause I love her! It makes for some hilarious “tortitude” pictures, I can tell you. It comes across more so than in real life, because that “look”, that ” go to hell, crazy woman” look is frozen, right there, lol. One question though. What form at the top of the page? It says if I’d like to post a picture, I must fill out the form at the top of the page. I don’t find a form to fill out there. I daresay I’ve missed it, somehow, but could someone leave instructions on said form and being able to post pictures? Thank you. Meanwhile, I’ll go back to finding out things related to my wonderful tortoiseshell cat. I’m in tortoiseshell heaven right now!

  4. I have a Tortie. I would like to add her pictures to the album.
    Please let me know how I can up load the pictures

    Thank you
    Chintha Kuruppunayake


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