Flower Cat Tree

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A flower cat tree is a fun way of providing your cat with somewhere to stretch, scratch, hide and play. 

There are some great flower cat trees available, and we have reviewed our favourites later in this post. However, if you are in a hurry then check out our easy to use table below.

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Why Should You Buy a Flower Cat Tree?

From its name, a flower cat tree is a feline toy that resembles a tree in terms of height and shape. It also has flower-like seating areas or condos. 

It serves to be a cat’s comfort zone as it offers a place to sit, hide, and play. Having proven psychological effects, it allows your cat to feel more secure too. 

Not just your fluffy friend, you need it too! Cats have a natural instinct to scratch, and we discussed the reasons for this in our article on the best cat scratching posts.

Cats scratch to remove the old layer on top of their claws and reveal a new and sharp layer. They also do it to stretch their bodies and to stay healthy.

It is therefore important to have somewhere for your cats to scratch in your home (to save your furniture), and much like a cactus cat scratcher, a flower cat tree is a lot more fun than a boring old scratching post!

What Makes a Good Flower Cat Tree?

Here are a few things to keep in mind before purchasing a flower cat tree:

1. Size

First, the size of your cat will determine whether you should opt for a bigger or smaller cat tree. Lighter kittens usually enjoy mini condos on taller trees, while the heavier ones prefer wide flower seats on shorter trees. Some flower cat trees are very tall and will dominate the room.

Moreover, consider the location where you’ll place the cat tree. It’s preferable to go for a tree that fits both the small or large breed and placement area. 

Another aspect to consider is your pet’s personality. For energetic, adventurous ones, you should opt for a high, multifunctional platform. However, peaceful and tame furries prefer a comfy platform with high-rise resting areas.

Thirdly, the number of cats matter too. The more you own, the bigger the tree should be.

Lastly, don’t forget that older felines won’t climb and jump as much as younger ones will, which makes the medium size good enough. It’s advised to purchase a large cat tree for kittens. 

2. Functionality

It’s better to use a wider-base flower cat tree than a narrow-base one. The wider the base, the more supportive and danger-free the tree will be.

Ideally, it should include:

  • Perching sector
  • Lying or lounging portion
  • House for sleeping and hiding
  • Scratching post
  • Toys 

A flower cat tree with this variety will be amazing for your kitty’s psychological health. It will encourage your cat’s innate instinct, be a source of entertainment and a 24/7 comfort zone. 

3. Material

Many options are made from fabric, rope, particleboards, solid wood, and carpet. Fabric, rope and carpet only tend to wear off after a few months of scratching and tugging at it. Particleboards are not as durable as wood but more cost-efficient. Solid wood is the most sturdy, since it provides a tough core and doesn’t diminish easily.

Cat trees are usually covered with cloth, carpet or faux fabric, which cats find comfy and soft and are kind to their skin and fur. 

As for the scratching post, the ones covered with Mexican sisal ropes are the best since they’re safe for your meow’s paws and are long-lasting. Yet, each to their own. Some cats are more fond of carpet-covered posts. It’s best to take the time to know which type your cat prefers before buying

4. Stability And Durability

The base of the tower must be wide enough to be stable. This is to avoid wobbling or negative balance during a play session. Whether the cat stays on one part more than the other or attacks a certain part more than the other, the tree should be tough enough to handle it.

Therefore, you should compare your cat’s weight to the platform’s load-bearing capacity.

Besides, flower cat trees are not a single-time use. They should last for a long time presenting multiple purposes. Choosing a cat tree with suitable material will extend its lifetime. An unstable cat tree will be an economical waste and danger.

5. Cost

A good quality cat tree will cost from £40 to £75, while a larger or more high-quality one might cost up to £150. 

Flower Cat Tree Reviews

Zooplus Flower Cat Tree

  • Attractive design
  • Sturdy and durable cat tree
  • Two cat beds to rest
  • Plenty of scratch posts

The Zooplus Flower Cat Tree has a lovely design and includes several different areas for your cat to scratch, rest and play.

The solid base provides stability for the cat tree, while the robust metal pillars make the tree durable for long lasting use. As it is so robust it is ideal for larger cats as well as smaller kittens.

The tree includes two cat beds for your cat to rest, as well as three cat toys which are made from real feathers – perfect for your cat to play!

This flower cat tree also has lots of scratching opportunities and would make a great addition to your home.

Croci Natural Magnolia Cat Tree

  • Elegant flower tree design
  • Made from strong natural materials
  • Includes a cat scratcher, perch and flower lounge
  • Two hanging plush toys

Magnolia cat trees are known for their natural durable materials including sisal, jute, water hyacinth, banana leaf and soft fur.

This elegant flower cat tree is one of our favourite designs, as it looks fantastic and also provides everything your cat will need.

As well as the sisal rope scratching post, your cat can relax on the perch or flower lounge. There are also two plush hanging toys for entertainment.

This is a great flower cat tree for active cats and one of our top recommendations. 

Flower Cat Tree

  • Three flower condos
  • Thick base plate with scratch mat
  • Sisal wrapped metal pillars
  • Four plush toys
  • 190cm in height

This magnificient flower cat tree is the largest of our recommendations, with multiple entertainment options as well as being 190cm in height.

The size of this tree means that you will need to have a large space to use it, as it will almost reach the ceiling of most houses. This means your cat will have a fantastic view from the top of the tree!

It is made from quality materials, from the thick base plate to the sisal wrapped metal pillars and plush hanging toys. Although it is more expensive than most other flower cat trees, it is a great option if you have the budget and the space for such a large tree.

Payless with SS XL Flower Cat Tree

  • Large, sturdy and elegant cat tree
  • Includes three flower beds
  • Plenty of scratching opportunities
  • Uses natural materials

This is another Extra Large Flower Cat Tree that is similar in design to the previous model, including three flower beds, a sturdy base and sisal poles for scratching.

This tree includes a leaf shaped platform on the first level which will allow your cat to jump or climb up to the higher beds.

It is made from natural materials such as water hyacinth leaves and natural sisal, and the beds all have soft, reversible cushions for sleeping.

This tree is 183cm and will take two people to build it. You will need to make sure you have enough space in the room you intend to use it, much like if you intend to purchase a Floor to Ceiling Cat Tree or a Large Cat Tree. Cats can also use scratching barrels and wooden cat trees to sharpen their claws.


A Flower Cat Tree will provide a fun place for your cat to scratch, stretch, rest and play, and with several different designs and models available there should be a tree to suit you and your cat.

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  1. Great list! The way those flower beds are designed, the cats would feel like being cradled. I got my boys Doogle and Roger the ordinary cat tree and they love it. Now, I have an idea what to choose if I get a queen. Thanks for sharing your review.


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