Cactus Cat Scratcher

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A cactus cat scratcher or cactus cat tree is a fun way of providing your cat with somewhere to scratch and stretch. It will provide a talking point in your home, and there are some fantastic cactus cat scratchers available!

We have identified our favourite cactus cat scratchers with some detailed reviews below, but if you are in a hurry then you can consult our easy to read table.

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Why Do You Need a Cactus Cat Scratcher?

Although you love your cat deeply, having your furniture and carpets scratched by the cat can be a real problem. Cats have a natural instinct to scratch, and we discussed the reasons for this in our article on the best cat scratching posts.

Cats scratch to remove the old layer on top of their claws and reveal a new and sharp layer. They also do it to stretch their bodies and to stay healthy.

It is therefore important to have somewhere for your cats to scratch in your home, so just like a flower cat tree, a cactus cat scratcher is a lot more fun than a boring old scratching post!

Features of a Good Cactus Cat Scratcher

Finding the best cactus cat scratcher or cactus cat tree provides your kitty with a chance to keep its claws healthy. Here are some features that you should consider before buying the best cactus cat tree or scratcher.

Adequate Size

Make sure that your cactus cat scratcher is suitable for the size of the cat. Kittens and medium-sized cats need a shorter cactus tree that they can play with. If you have a bigger cat, you need to buy a larger and sturdier post. This should also be considered when you have multiple cats in the house. 

A bigger base guarantees that the post will be more stable. You should make sure that you have enough space to set up the cactus tree, so your feline doesn’t accidentally knock down any furniture or accessories while playing.

Some cactus cat scratchers come in the form of a cactus flower plant rather than a cactus cat tree. These can provide a nice place for your cat to sharpen their claws, but we would probably recommend using these in conjunction with another, larger cactus cat tree or scratching post. A cat scratching barrel is another option.

Durable Material

Natural fibres are preferred because they don’t cause an allergic reaction even when your cat plays with the cactus tree for a long time. Sisal ropes and jute fabric work because they are durable enough to withstand regular scratching. 

Fast Assembly

You should choose a cactus tree that is easy to put together. Following the instructions shouldn’t take much time, so your kitty can start playing with the tree. If you feel that the base is still flimsy, you might need to add more screws, especially if you have an active feline in the house. 

Play Features

Although they may not have as many features as a large cat tree, a wooden cat tree or a floor to ceiling cat tree, some cactus cat scratchers have dangling toys that can keep your cats occupied. This can be especially useful if they are indoor cats and don’t get to play outside.

Cactus Cat Scratcher Reviews

Regular scratching is vital for the cat’s mental and physical well-being. Check out our top picks.

Karlie Designed by Lottie Cat Scratching Post

  • Stylish cactus design
  • Made of manila rope
  • Available in two different colours

Our top choice is this stylish cactus cat scratcher from Designed by Lotte, a range of beautiful pet products and accessories.

The scratcher has a subtle and stylish cactus design, and is made from manila rope so it will be able to withstand regular claw sharpening sessions from your cat.

This cactus scratcher will look great in your home and is very high quality.

PAWZ Road Cactus Cat Scratching Post

  • Includes 3 green cactus shaped posts
  • Covered with quality sisal rope
  • Stable and sturdy design
  • Great value

We love the PAWZ Road Cactus Cat Scratcher as it has a lively and realistic design, with the three green cactus scratching posts giving it the appearance of a living cactus!

The posts are covered in durable and high quality sisal rope, and with fluffy plush and a dangling play ball for entertainment your cats will be comfortable and have fun using it.

Your cat can use the post to scratch, rub for comfort and even lie on the base. A great value cactus cat scratching post that will also provide a real talking point in your home.

Knowooh Cactus Cat Scratching Flower

  • Unique cactus flower design
  • Covered with strong sisal rope
  • Wooden base

This cactus cat scratcher provides something different as it is in the shape of a pretty cactus flower rather than the spiky cactus plants of the other designs.

The central plant ball is covered with strong sisal rope, the top is decorated with pink flowers and the wooden base completes the design.

This cactus flower scratcher provides an excellent place for your cat to sharpen her claws, although you may want to use it in conjunction with a larger scratching post or cat scratching barrel so that she can stretch out her body properly.

PetnPurr Cactus Cat Scratching Post

  • Simple to assemble
  • Includes durable sisal rope
  • Size 25.6 inches
  • Imported from USA but still good value

Our final choice for the best cactus cat scratching post is this post from the team at PetNPurr.

The post has a realistic cactus tree design, so will bring a taste of the desert to your living room. The post is covered in strong and durable sisal rope, and includes a stable platform allowing your cat to stretch, scratch and rub to their heart's content.

This post is imported from the USA, but even with the longer delivery times it makes a great choice for a good cactus cat scratching post.


Buying a cactus cat scratcher for your cat protects your furniture from excessive scratching that can damage your sofas and chairs. At the same time, it will look great in your home and your cat will be able to enjoy its time and file its claws easily.

There are some great scratchers available, and we think that the best cactus cat scratchers are the Karlie Designed by Lotte scratching post and the PAWZ Road Cactus Scratching Post. They each have different designs and features, so your final choice will be up to you! 

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