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Choosing a good quality cat litter mat is another accessory to consider when you are choosing the best cat litter

We have selected some of our favourite cat litter mats in the table below with more detailed reviews later in this post. Our reviews include several different sizes of mats as well as the best mats to prevent cat litter tracking.

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Best Mats to Prevent Cat Litter Tracking

A common problem with cat litter is ‘tracking’, which occurs when some of the litter becomes stuck to the cats paws after they have used the tray and is then trailed around the house.

Litter can also come out of the tray when cats dig to cover their waste. This can result in a lot of mess and an unhygienic and unpleasant area around the tray. It is also not unknown for cats to sometimes miss the litter tray.

A simple solution to these problems is a cat litter mat, as these mats keep the area around the litter tray clean and tidy as well as being designed to extract litter from the cats paws.

A good cat litter mat will be comfortable for your cat to step on, be easy to clean and help to capture the litter from accidents and from tracking. We have also found that large cat litter mats can do a more effective job, as litter can spread a surprising distance beyond the reach of smaller mats.

Best Cat Litter Mats

Easology Cat Litter Mat

  • Top recommended cat litter mat
  • Extra large size
  • Deep grooves catch cat litter
  • Easy to clean

The extra large Easyology Cat Litter Mat is top of our list of recommendations for several reasons. Firstly, it is a really good size and measures 90cm x 60cm, so this means it is big enough to catch the litter being tracked out of the tray and will protect your floor.

This mat includes deep grooves which catch any litter trapped in the paws, and it is made from durable PVC plastic so it is water resistant and easy to clean with a vacuum or by shaking.

This means that it is one of the best mats to prevent cat litter tracking. It provides a soft and comfortable surface for the cat, and the thickness of the mat can withstand sharp claws and frequent use.

This mat is so large it can also be used as a doormat, and it is available in several different colours to suit the décor of your home. 

There is also now a Jumbo Sized Easyology Cat Litter Mat available (119cm x 91cm)- which is ideal if you have more than one cat and are looking for multiple cat litter solutions.

Vivaglory Large Cat Litter Mat

  • Same size as the Easyology Cat Mat
  • Deep grooves and superior mesh trap cat litter
  • Comfortable on the cat's feet
  • Non slip and waterproof

A similar size mat is on offer from Vivaglory, and this excellent mat is made from superior quality material which prevents rips or tears.

The professional and stylish design includes deep grooves and superior mesh which will trap any stray litter, and your cat will also love the way it feels on their feet.

An important feature of this cat litter mat is that it has a waterproof and non-slip bottom, so it protects the floor and stays in place.

This is a highly rated cat litter mat which really helps to prevent tracking, and it is available in either beige, coffee or grey.

Cat Litter Mat with Paw Prints

  • Smaller mat (40 x 30cm)
  • Cute design with paw prints
  • Traps excess litter

This is a smaller mat which measures 40cm x 30cm, so it is ideal to place outside the doorway of your litter tray rather than underneath a larger tray.

We like this mat because of the cute design of the paws tracking across them mat, although it will also do a good job of trapping the litter as it is made from a tough and durable material.

This mat is slightly less expensive, and will brighten up the area around the litter tray as well as keeping it tidy and hygienic.


There are many more options of cat litter mats available, and plenty of other things to consider including the size and location of the litter tray in your house.

However, it is well worth investing in a good quality mat for all of the reasons listed above – especially if it helps to stop the spread of litter around your home.

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