Cat Window Beds

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A cat window bed provides an ideal place for your cat to sleep and rest. 

A good quality bed means that they can enjoy a comfortable place to relax as well as having the opportunity to see what is going on outside! 

There is a great selection of cat window beds available today, and we have summarised our favourites in this handy table below:

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Why do Cats Like to Sleep in a Window Bed?

There are plenty of different types of cat beds around, including cat igloo beds, luxury cat beds, heated cat beds, cat heating pads, wicker cat beds and radiator cat beds. So why should you consider investing in a cat window bed for your pet?

Many cats, and in particular tortoiseshell cats are very nosy and like to know what’s going on. There is a good reason your cat will often sit by the window making strange noises while watching the outside.

It is important to keep your cat stimulated for their well being, and a cat window bed will help with this. 

It will allow them to look outside, tracking birds and other small animals, even if they have no intention of getting up from their perch to chase them!

Another reason that your cat will enjoy a window bed is that it is high up off the ground. Cats like to sleep in high places, as it makes them feel safe so a window bed fits in naturally with their requirements.

A side benefit of having a cat window bed in your home is that it will eliminate or reduce the amount of time that your cat spends on your beds and furniture, clogging them up with cat hair. This results in a clean and more hygienic home.

Finding a good cat window bed means that your cat can spend hours relaxing in the sun, enjoying the view outside without having to lift a paw.

What to Look For in a Cat Window Bed

Size and Weight Limit

A cat window bed should be comfortable, secure and be able to easily take your cats weight. It is worth checking the weight of your cat and making sure that your preferred bed will be able to support her. Sometimes, cats like to sleep together, so if this is the case you will need to work out the weight of each and every cat!

Your cat window bed should also be the appropriate size for your cat, as although most tortoiseshell cats are quite small, cats can vary in size quite considerably and your cat won’t use the bed if it is too small!

Price and Quality of Materials

As with everything in life, the best quality cat window beds can also be the most expensive, but it can often be worth paying a little bit extra for high quality and durable materials.

A good quality cat window bed should include a sturdy frame as well as a bed made from soft and comfortable material that your cat will enjoy curling and sleeping in. 

Style and decor

The colour and style of your preferred bed is another factor to consider. Cat window beds come in many different varieties, with some beds being brightly coloured while others have a neutral tone.It is a good idea to select a bed that will blend in with the decor of your room.


Anywhere a cat sleeps can get dirty and clogged up with hair, so it is important that your cat window bed is washable.

Most beds have a detachable cover that you can put through the washing machine, and it is recommended that you do this on a regular basis.

Cat Window Bed Reviews

JZK Window Mounted Cat Hammock

This simple but effective cat window bed provides a comfortable place for your cat to rest as well as being excellent value.

The bed is fixed to the window using four good quality suction pads, and can support cats up to the weight of 15kg (33lb). It is fast and easy to install, not requiring any tools.

It is important to make sure that both the window surface and the suction pads are properly cleaned for optimum effect, and this should maximise the use that your cats get from the bed.

We have chosen cat window bed as our top pick as it also includes a cute paw print blanket. This not only makes the bed more comfortable, but it also protects the bed from the sun and extends its lifespan.

It is simple to remove the cover of the bed, so both the bed and blanket are easy to keep clean.

LS Cat Window Perch

This fantastic cat window bed will look great in your home, and uses nut suction cups for extra stability.

This means that the bed can support cats up to the weight of 25kg (55lb), as these suction cups are three times as stable as transparent suction cups.

Another great feature of this window bed is that it provides two different levels for your cat to rest and enjoy the view. This allows the cat to climb up and down between the levels, and gives them more space to play.

A removable plush mattress is also included, providing extra comfort as well as being easy to wash.

This cat window bed is slightly more expensive than other beds, but it receives great reviews and is well worth the extra money if you are looking for a larger bed or need a bed for two or more cats. 

Petlsay Cat Window Hammock

This quality cat window bed can hold weight up to 60lb (27kg) so it is ideal whether you have small, large or multiple cats.

The extra weight is held by the large suction cups, and the bed also include stainless steel for extra strength.

Your cat will enjoy resting on the breathable mesh cover, although you may want to add an extra blanket - especially during the winter!

The Petlsay cat window bed has a length of 67cm and width 39cm, so it should fit most windows and provide a comfortable and sunny spot for your cat to sleep and rest.

K & H Ez Kitty Sill Deluxe with Bolster

This stylish cat window bed has several outstanding features, including a bolster for extra comfort and the facility to fold the bed down when not in use so it easily fits behind curtains, blinds and shades.

The bed is fixed to the window with strong suction pads, and is easy to install without the need for tools.

The cover of the bolster is machine washable, so this bed is easy to keep clean and will provide hours of comfort and entertainment for your cat.

Art of Paws Cat Shelves

For something completely different to a traditional cat window bed, these wooden cat shelves provide a great alternative and another place for your cat to rest and look out of the window.

The shelves are mounted directly onto the wall, so this saves on your floor space and also avoids the bed taking up space directly on the window.

These shelves have a curved design, which is both aethestically pleasing and provides comfort for your cat. It also means they are unlikely to fall off!

Two covers are included with the shelves, so you can choose from a soft wool cover or a fibre type cover which naturally inspires scratching. Mount these shelves close to the window and your cat will have a private perch to play, rest and watch the world go by!


These recommendations are just a handful of the cat window beds available, so there should be a bed available to suit your home and your cat.


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