Large Cat Trees

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A large cat tree can have multiple functions, including being an activity centre, a scratching area and also a resting place for your cat!

There are some amazing large cat trees available on the market, so if you are in a hurry to find a good one we have selected our favourite models in the table below:

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Features of a Large Cat Tree

Large Cat Trees are incredible feats of engineering, as they include multiple levels, scratching areas and resting places to provide all round entertainment and comfort for your cat.


Probably the first thing that you need to check when you are shopping for a large cat tree is the size of the space that you have available. 

You want to select a cat tree that isn’t going to dominate the room, but at the same time has enough of the features that you want.

Most cat trees have the dimensions clearly marked in the product description, but it is also bearing in mind you will need to have some space around the tree as well!

It is often a good idea to have a large cat tree in the corner of a room, although we know some people dedicate whole rooms to their cats in which case it may take centre stage!

Floor to Ceiling Cat Trees

Some cat trees are so large that they take up the entire space between your floor and your ceiling!

If a tree is a true ‘floor to ceiling cat tree’ then you will be able to alter it between certain heights, usually between around 215cm to 280cm,

Some products which are advertised as ‘Floor to Ceiling Cat Trees’ don’t have as many activity centres, hideaways and features as other cat trees.

However, they will usually feature several platforms for your cat to rest as well as plenty of space for them to scratch. Your cat will really enjoy getting up high to enjoy the view from the top of the room!

We have dedicated an entire post to the best Floor to Ceiling Cat Trees and their features. You can also read about Flower Cat Trees, some of which are very tall at over 180cm.

Scratching Areas

One of the most useful functions of a large cat tree is that it will almost always include several scratching areas.

Cats need to have somewhere to scratch, as they like to mark their territory and to stretch their bodies. It also allows them to remove the dead outer layer of their claws.

This means that they will naturally be drawn to a large cat tree with one or more scratching areas, and they will enjoy using the posts to scratch and rub their bodies. 

The larger cat trees often have several areas for cats to scratch including scratching posts and pads. Once the cats are using the tree for scratching they will most likely continue to explore the play and resting areas as well.

As discussed on our reviews of the best cat scratching posts, a good scratching post will be covered by quality material such as natural sisal rope, which is highly resistant yet strong enough to withstand constant scratching from your cats.

This means that the tree will last for longer, and the posts and scratching pads will also save your furniture from their claws!

If inferior quality materials are used, the claws of your cat will quickly destroy this area of the tree rendering it useless.

Activity and Play Areas

One of the most exciting functions of a large cat tree for your cat is the multitude of play areas and activities that they can enjoy! Although cat scratching barrels can provide caves, playballs and a place to rest - they won't provide as much opportunity for leaping and climbing as a cat tree.

Different cat trees will include different activities for the cats. Some may include bungee cords with furballs for them to play with, while others include ladders for the cats to climb up and down.

No matter how many built in activities, your cat will enjoy expending some energy by jumping up and down between the different levels of the tree.

This is very important physical and mental stimulation for the cat, especially if they are an ‘indoor cat’ and don’t get the chance to wear off some of their energy outside every day.

Sleeping areas

As well as providing somewhere for your cat to play and have fun, your large cat tree can also be somewhere that your cat can get some rest!

Most large cat trees will have resting areas such as perches, platforms and loungers. Your cats can survey their territory from their platform on the top of the tree, or spend some time hidden away in the caves or condos which are built into some trees. There are some very good wooden cat trees which have multiple platforms and sleeping areas.

Although there are some fantastic luxury cat beds available where your cat can sleep, they may be tempted by the hammocks included on some trees for some extra rest!

Cat Trees for Multiple Cats

A large cat tree can be very useful if you have more than one cat in your household.

The larger trees have enough space for each cat to use without fighting over ‘territory’ or space. You may even find they will play together nicely on the tree.

There are plenty of other factors to consider including the quality of the padding and cushioning, the ease of assembly and the sturdiness of the tree.

Some cat trees have a safety strap which can be attached to the wall, and this will help to stop the tree toppling over if your cats get carried away by their play or their jumping.

Large Cat Tree Reviews

FEANDREA Multi Level Large Cat Tree

  • Equipped with plush cat house
  • Multiple levels for your cat to play
  • Scratching posts covered with natural sisal rope
  • Includes anti-toppling strap
  • Dimensions 100cm x 90cm x 165cm (W x D x H)

Our top recommendation for a large cat tree is the FEANDREA Multi Level Large Tree. 

This includes pretty much everything your cat will need, including multiple levels to jump and play, a plush cat house to hide away and hammocks to rest. There are also bungee cords with furballs for extra entertainment.

The scratching posts are covered with natural sisal rope so they will withstand sharp claws, and the large base is complemented with an anti-toppling strap to prevent the tree from falling.

A fantastic all round cat tree that also takes comfort into consideration with rounded corners to prevent scrapes for you and your cat.

Yaheetech Multi Level Cat Tree Tower

  • Two cushioned top perches for a great view
  • Multiple scratching areas
  • Includes two fluffy condos
  • 145cm tall

This multi level cat tree by Yaheetech also includes plenty of features to keep your cat active and entertained.

They will love sitting on one of the top two cushioned perches (if you have two cats they could have one each), and there are also two roomy and fluffy condos for them to rest.

There are no less than six scratching posts plus a scratching pad, as well as two interactive bungee cords and even a hammock.

This large cat tree is not quite as tall as the FEANDREA version, but it still manages to pack in everything you and your cat will need.

Pippa & Max’s Floor to Ceiling Cat Tree

  • Easy to alter floor to ceiling cat tree
  • Height between 215cm - 280cm
  • Includes extra large platforms and four scratching posts

This Floor to Ceiling Cat Tree provides a fantastic place for your cat to scratch and rest with extra large platforms.

It includes a spring-loaded grippy ceiling attachment, and can be adjusted to fit any ceiling height between 215cm - 218cm. This means that it fits firmly against the ceiling, providing stability when cats and jumping and playing.

The scratching posts are covered in natural sisal twist, so the whole tree is strong and durable. Your cats will especially love jumping between the levels!

P PURLOVE Cat Tree with Scratching Posts

  • Multi Platform Design
  • Extra Stability with Large Base
  • Includes condo and dangling toys
  • Dimensions 61cm x 51cm x 170cm

This large cat tree is very well designed with multiple levels and an extra large base for stability.

It includes plenty of features with a large and comfortable condo, plenty of scratching posts with natural sisal rope and toys to keep your cat entertained.

This tree is made from quality materials and can cater for up to 3 cats at a time with plenty of opportunity for them to climb, jump and have fun.

RHRQuality Large Cat Tree

  • Includes extra large platform and hammocks
  • Extra strong natural sisal scratching posts
  • Strong and sturdy design perfect for large cats

Our final recommendation is the RHRQuality Large Cat Tree which is strong, sturdy and perfect for large cats!

It includes an extra large top platform (with a soft thick pillow), as well as two very strong hammocks which also have extra padding for comfort.

Another feature of this cat tree is the very thick scratching posts covered in natural sisal, so they should be able to withstand the sharpest of cat claws.

Although not as tall as some of the other cat trees we have featured, this tree will be ideal for larger cats as it is very strong, stable and comfortable.


A large cat tree can provide stimulation, entertainment, fun and a cosy place for your cat and with so many quality products to choose from there should be a tree available to suit both your cat and your home.

If you have found this review useful then check out some of our other reviews for cat products including cactus cat scratchers, cat window screens, cat kennels and outdoor cat houses.

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