Hypoallergenic Cat Food

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Hypoallergenic cat food is an excellent way to help your cat with her food allergy struggles. It can be hard watching your cat suffer because of a specific brand of cat food, especially when there are a lot of solutions in the market.

Because we know how dealing with a sick pet can mess with your emotions, we searched for the best hypoallergenic cat food. Our picks will help reduce your cat’s allergies and keep her in great shape.

We have provided detailed reviews later in this article, but to get you started our favourite options are in this easy to use table:

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Features Required of Good Quality Hypoallergenic Cat Food

Only around 5 to 15% of cats suffer from food allergies. Still, it can be a severe health problem when it occurs. Your cat may start experiencing itching, ear infections, and even digestive troubles.

The problem is that these symptoms can escalate and become part of a chain reaction. If your cat gets an allergic reaction to one type of food, she may develop a histamine response. As a result, her skin may start to itch.

When this happens, the cat will likely start scratching her skin, which can lead to severe injuries, such as sores and lesions. These skin problems can make the itching even worse, as well as make her skin smell bad. It can turn into a vicious cycle that can be difficult for your cat to get out of.

The best way to get her some relief is by buying hypoallergenic cat food. Read ahead to learn more about some basic features to look for when purchasing hypoallergenic cat food.

Consists of Limited Number of Ingredients

A diet made of limited-ingredients can be the best thing for your feline. These types of food contain almost no allergens. They come in handy when you don’t know which triggers are causing your cat’s allergies.

Yet, not all hypoallergenic cat foods contain limited ingredients. So, you have to read the food label carefully to determine which brands fall into that category and which don’t.

Has Been Minimally Processed

Almost all types of hypoallergenic foods are minimally processed. In other words, they aren’t made with heat or other types of processes that affect the quality of the foods.

Another advantage of giving your cat minimally processed foods is that they're typically rich in nutrients and minerals. These will improve her gut health and reduce other problems caused by allergies.

Contains a Neutral Protein Source

One major cause of cat food allergies is protein. So, how do you avoid these allergens? The best way is to find hypoallergenic foods with a neutral protein source. The best for your cat are turkey, duck, salmon, and cod.

Switching to these types of popular protein choices can be enough to alleviate allergy problems.

Can Be Either Dry or Wet

You can find hypoallergenic cat foods, either dry or wet. Dry foods are usually less expensive than wet foods. They’re also more prone to putting your cat at risk for dehydration.

Then there are wet foods, which are better for the digestion process. Yet, some cats don’t like the texture of some types.

To solve this dilemma, many cat owners like to mix a bit of both. This ensures their cat gets the benefits of the two types while still appealing to their taste buds.

The 5 Best Types of Hypoallergenic Cat Food

Medical experts have narrowed down the most common allergens in cat foods. They believe them to be dairy, artificial colouring, meat by-products, seafood, corn, and preservatives. It can be hard finding cat food that doesn’t contain any of these ingredients. After all, almost every single brand is made up of at least one of them.

But before you panic, we have good news! The market is being flooded with more and more high-quality, delicious, and nutritious hypoallergenic cat foods.

So, to make it easier for you, we rounded up the top five on the market today. Take a look and see which one is right for your feline friend.

Best Hypoallergenic Dry Cat Food

Purina Pro Plan Dry Cat Food

  • Contains hydrolysed protein and purified carbs
  • Comes in 2 size choices
  • Contains St/Ox
  • Is designed to manage food allergies in cats of all ages

The Purina Pro Plan dry cat food is made with high-quality ingredients that support your feline’s well-being. These ingredients also help prevent and avoid allergic food reactions.

One of these ingredients is protein. It’s hydrolysed and broken down into particles that are too small to result in an allergic reaction. Other components include purified carbs and essential fatty oils.

We like that this dry cat food also considers your cat’s urinary health. It contains St/Ox, which helps treat and prevent urinary problems.

Purina offers this dry cat food in two sizes: 1.3 or 3.5 kg. You’ll find a table on the back of each package to help you figure out how much to feed your cat.

Arden Grange Adult Dry Food

  • Naturally hypoallergenic
  • Contains inflammatory properties
  • Comes in 3 size choices
  • Grain free

The Arden Grange dry cat food for adults is one of the best ways to incorporate allergy-free ingredients into your cat’s diet. It’s recommended for felines with sensitive skin and stomachs.

One of the best things about this cat food is that it’s mostly made of fresh white fish and whitefish meal. It’s free of grains or cereals of any kind, which is one reason why it’s naturally hypoallergenic.

You can read more about grain free cat food on our article dedicated to this type of food.

Other reasons include that it doesn’t contain any dairy products, beef, or gluten. Arden Grange products are also known for their lack of artificial flavouring, colours, or preservatives.

Not only that, but the food also consists of joint supplements and prebiotics. In addition, there are yucca extracts, which help boost joint health due to the high content of inflammatory properties.

You can buy the Arden Grange in a bag of 2 kg or 400 grams. There’s also the option of buying three packs of a total of 4 kg.

Crown Pet - James Wellbeloved Grain-Free Adult Cat Food

  • Rich in vitamins and minerals
  • Contains turkey as its single protein source
  • Reduces stool odour
  • Has no added preservatives or artificial ingredients 

The Crown grain-free adult cat food is packed with nutritious minerals and vitamins. It also consists of turkey as a single meat protein source to boost your cat’s energy and overall health.

Being hypoallergenic, this cat food contains no preservatives, which are the primary source of most health problems. You’ll also be relieved to know it has no artificial colours or flavours.

Not only is this food safe for your cat, but it works to treat and prevent any skin and digestive disorders your cat may suffer from. We also like how it reduces stool odour.

The Crown Pet grain-free cat food comes in a 1.5-kg bag.

Canin Royal Dry Cat Food

  • Patented formula
  • Helps reduce fluid loss
  • Boosts cat skin's barrier

This Canin Royal hypoallergenic cat food is made with a patented formula. Its unique blend of ingredients contains niacin, pantothenic acid, and biotin. There’s also a zinc-linoleic acid mixture, which decreases fluid loss that occurs through the skin.

These elements also work to boost the barrier effect of your cat’s skin. When your cat’s coat is healthy, this makes her less susceptible to insects, injuries, and skin sores.

Another reason why we were impressed with Canin Royal is that it’s both gluten and lactose-free. Add to that the fact that it’s made with hydrolysed soy protein, which is easy to digest and highly nutritious.

This hypoallergenic cat food comes in a 4.5 kg bag. Please note that this food should only be used under the direct supervision of a veterinary surgeon.

Best Hypoallergenic Wet Cat Food

Concept for Life Wet Cat Food

  • Contains salmon as its one primary source of protein
  • Rich in vitamins and minerals
  • Free of artificial colours, flavours, and additives
  • Available in 3 bulk buying options

The Concept for Life wet cat food provides your cat with the nutrients missing from her diet. This food formula contains salmon as its single protein source. It’s also high in thistle oil, which is a type of essential fatty acids that’s rich in omega-3.

One of the main reasons we included Concept for Life is because it doesn’t contain corn, soy, or wheat. It also has no artificial additives or colours.

Plus, this cat food is rich in vitamins and minerals. They work together to boost your cat’s health, as well as prevent her allergies from flaring up.

With this brand, you get three choices. While each can weighs 185 g, you can choose between buying 6, 12, or 24 cans at a time.


We researched many cat food brands on the market based on their ingredients, price, and effectiveness. We also talked to several cat owners to find out their favourites when it comes to impressing their feline friends.

Use our product review and buyer’s guide to prevent any confusion when you're standing at the pet food aisle. Hypoallergenic cat food can ease your cat’s allergy symptoms and boost her overall well-being.

The five choices in our list are sure to make her happy. The reason? They’re made from limited ingredients that prevent allergies while maintaining her health.

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