Applaws Cat Food Review

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Here’s the secret to good feline health: a balanced diet. It plays a role in ensuring a happy, satisfied cat. Any cat owner can confidently tell you there aren't many of those. 

After all, we all know about how fickle cats are. It’s an enduring feline trait!

Finding the right meal for your cat requires a bit of trial-and-error. Unfortunately, that can be both costly and time-consuming for many. This is why today we’re bringing you an Applaws cat food review. 

Alright, let's get to it!

Is Applaws Cat Food Worth It?

Applaws is a popular UK-based animal food manufacturer. They cater to both the canine and feline tastes. A relatively small and independent company, they’re all about challenging perceptions and introducing 100% natural pet food. 

Applaws’ manufacturing philosophy is rooted in something they call “natural simplicity.” This philosophy is highlighted in the ingredients: there are zero preservatives, zero artificial colors, and zero artificial flavors to be found. Because of that, their products can cater to most cats. 

Does your cat have a thyroid problem? Applaws might be a good fit for them, then. It doesn’t contain any calcium iodate.

Does your cat have gluten intolerance? Here is some good news: Applaws cat food is devoid of any gluten. 

Now, you might notice the words “grain-free” on the label. Feline digestive systems aren’t tailored to process large quantities of grain. This is why a high-carb diet is a big no-no. Instead, it’s better to opt for a meat-based diet, which is precisely what Applaws offers: low carb content, high meat content

Applaws Dry Cat Food

Applaws offers a wide range of cat food options, with several choices of both dry cat food and wet cat food.

Dry cat food has the benefit of being extremely convenient, while Applaws dry cat food also offers a very high level of natural ingredients.

Although some ‘fillers’ are required to bind the food together, these are kept to a minimum in Applaws dry cat food and there are some fantastic options such as Applaws Complete Natural Dry Cat Food with Chicken (reviewed below) as well as options including fish and vegetables.

Applaws Wet Cat Food

One of the main benefits of wet cat food is that it can be extremely tasty, especially if there is a high meat or fish content.

As Applaws generally offer cat food of the best quality and highest ratio of meat content available, this means that Applaws Wet Cat Food is a great option if your cat prefers to eat this type of food.

Options for Applaws Wet Cat Food includes the 100% Natural Multipack with Fish and Chicken, with wet food also available in tins in various flavours including chicken and duck.

Applaws Cat Food Reviews

Here are our top recommended Applaws products. These foods include both complete and complementary foods. This means they can be either eaten alone or with other foods.

Applaws Complete Natural Dry Cat Food With Chicken

This meal primarily consists of 80% chicken. If your cat isn’t a big fan of fish, then they’ll love this. Either way, they’re getting their fair share of nourishing protein. 

The other 20% is owed to vegetables, one of which is potatoes. Potatoes aren’t particularly optimal feline foods, especially since they’re carbohydrates. However, this meal isn’t high in carb content. 

We've noticed a long list of synthetic vitamins and minerals that make this meal nutritious and balanced. As with all Applaws dry foods, it's a “complete” food: appropriate for consumption on its own. Your cat can eat it day and night without any supplements.

The only thing we don't like about it is its fat content. It's simply too low. Then again, this is a flaw that most dry cat foods share. 

  • Ideal for cats with fish allergies
  • Doesn't have artificial flavors
  • Doesn't have animal by-products
  • Low in moisture 

Applaws Cat Food Broth Pouch

In this meal, protein is provided by tuna, rather than chicken. It appears to be the sole source of protein in this meat-based food. Then, there’s the touch of rice, which provides carbohydrates. We aren’t big fans of the rice, but it manages to take up a small amount of the meal’s nutrients.

The limited ingredients emphasize Applaws’ simplicity. It’s free of any potentially irritating additives. However, you should keep in mind that this is a complementary food. It’s not meant to be consumed alone. 

Like most of Applaws cat foods, this meal is rich in taurine and omega 3. These two substances can help provide your feline companion with a glossy coat and a healthy immune system. 

  • Low in carbohydrates
  • Doesn't have artificial flavors
  • Features high sources of protein
  • Contains rice

Applaws Complete Natural and Grain Free Dry Adult Cat Food, Ocean Fish with Salmon

This meal is 50% fish and 50% vegetables. The latter might surprise you. After all, cats aren’t the biggest fans of vegetables. Unfortunately for them, vegetables hold a significant amount of essential nutrients. 

Fish isn’t the only source of protein in this meal. Lentils and peas work to provide protein as well. They also provide other nutrients such as carbohydrates and fiber. 

The rest of the ingredients include a long list of vitamins and minerals. There are some ingredients that caught our eye, including dried apples and cranberries. Felines aren’t big fans of fruits, especially since they can’t taste sweet flavours. 

Overall, this is a well-balanced meal with a nice amount of nutrients. Nevertheless, we’d like to see higher meat content and lower carbohydrate content. 


  • Has a considerable amount of protein
  • Doesn’t contain low-value meat
  • Doesn’t have artificial colors or flavours


  • Low in moisture

Applaws Complete Natural Dry Cat Food Adult Chicken with Salmon

Is your cat not particularly picky? Good news, then: here, they’ll get to enjoy both chicken and fish. 80% of this meal is protein provided by delicious salmon and chicken. Breaking it down, we found 50% of the protein to be dry chicken meal. The rest is salmon, chicken mince, and gravy.

As for the other 20%, it’s supplied by vegetables and natural extracts. We found potatoes, beet pulp, seaweed, and even cranberries. Here’s the big surprise: a dried egg. The rest of the ingredients are vitamins and minerals or natural additives.

Although this is a complete food, you could use it as a treat. Being natural and good quality, it makes a much healthier treat than some other foods. You could also use it as a supplement, especially if your cat is on a mostly raw diet.


  • High protein content
  • Low carbohydrate content
  • Has no unlisted or vague-sounding ingredients


  • Could be higher in fat


Applaws boils down to a philosophy that’s all about simplicity. It certainly works in favour of felines with food intolerances and allergies. 

Most importantly, they’re diverse and nutritionally-balanced with a good range of both wet cat food and dry cat food options. They make use of what they have, which makes them outperform the competition easily. While we’d like to see higher fat content, we can’t deny that they’re definitely worth a buy. You'll notice the results on your kitty right away: more energy, luscious fur, and a clean bowl.

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