About us

We love Tortoiseshell Cats as we think they make the ideal pets, bringing a huge amount of love and fun into your home!

This website was inspired by our own tortie, who we called Florence (affectionately known as Flo). We have had Flo since she was a very young kitten, and in her early years she displayed plenty of tortitude by climbing the curtains, squeezing into bookshelves and causing plenty of damage to our hands!

Flo has seen plenty of change in our household with 2 children arriving in the time she has been with us. At 7 years of age, she is not quite as feisty as before but she can still give as good as she gets if she is not in the mood!

Our aim is to build a community of tortie lovers through our Tortie Club, where we will feature a different tortie every month and provide hints and tips on looking after your cat. Sign up for regular updates.

We also review some products on this site which aim to make life more comfortable for your cat. As an Amazon associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

Above all, this is meant to be a fun site where you can connect with fellow tortoiseshell cat lovers, so we would love to hear from you with pictures and stories about your cat!

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