Quick Release Cat Collars

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A good quick release cat collar is an essential item for your cat. As well as making them look elegant and unique, a quick release collar can help your cat to escape if the collar gets caught or tangled. The addition of a bell can also help you locate your cat and reduce their chances of catching wildlife.

In this article, we’ll provide some information about the features that should be found in the best quick-release cat collar. 

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Features of a Good Quick Release Cat Collar

A good quality quick release cat collar will serve several different functions. 

Quick Release Safety Buckle

As the name suggests, this is the primary feature you should be looking for when selecting a good quality quick release collar. 

Your collar should have a good quality buckle, which is easy to fasten when putting on your cat (we all know that cats don't like being held to have their collar fastened!)

However, more importantly, the buckle should release easily if the cat finds itself in a situation where the collar has got stuck (for example, if they were crawling through a gap in a hedge and the collar got caught). This can mean the difference between your cat coming home safely and potentially getting lost or stuck.

The best quality collars have an easy to use buckle that blends in with the design of the rest of the collar.

Material and comfort

The collar should be made from material that won't make your cat uncomfortable. It should be made of durable material such as nylon, as although cat collars are generally very cheap it is much better if the collar you choose lasts for a while.

Some cat collars are made from reflective material, which has the added benefit of making your cat more visible in the dark. 


There is no one size fits all for cat collars, so you should make sure that your collar can be adjusted so it comfortably fits around the neck of your cat.

The collars that we have reviewed are available in a variety of sizes, so before making your purchase you should measure around your cat's neck and make your selection accordingly.

Quick Release Cat Collar with Bell

If your cat’s collar comes with a bell, it will be a big plus.

This means that you can hear your cat coming so they are easier to locate, and it will also reduce the chances of your cat hunting local wildlife.


The final point to consider is the style of your quick release cat collar.

There is a huge range of collars available, from simple black collars all the way through to bow tie collars and other great designs.

Select a colour that you enjoy seeing your cat wear, and some collars are available in multi packs so that you can try several different options out!

Quick Release Cat Collar Reviews

The following collars are designed to keep your cat comfortable. Check out our top picks.

Bow Calico Reflective Cat Collars with Bell

  • Reflective material for safety
  • Includes a ringing bell
  • Easy to put on and adjust (19-32cm)
  • Available in a pack of 12 collars

This soft quick-release collar is skin-friendly, so you can use it if you have an allergic cat. At the same time, this durable collar will last for a long time. 

The size can be adjusted from 19 to 32 cm, allowing you to use the collar with all your small and big cats. You can easily adjust the collar for the perfect fit.

Finding your kitty will be easy because the reflective material makes your feline visible after dark. It also guarantees more safety, as people in cars will be able to see your cat clearly. It also features a ringing bell that helps you locate an active feline that likes to wander around

When you make a purchase, you’ll receive 12 durable collars so this should keep you going for some time, even if your cat loses a couple!

Ginger UP Quick Release Cat Collar with Bell

  • Smart and stylish, quality nylon collar
  • Best for bigger cats
  • Adjustable collar (24- 30cm)
  • Includes ringing bell
  • Comes in pack of 3 different cute plaid styles

Your cat will always look stylish and feel comfortable while it’s wearing this nylon quick-release collar. Each packet features 3 pieces, so your feline can try different options.

The safety buckle allows you to put on the collar and take it off easily. The collar is built to last, and won’t show any signs of wear or tear. 

The collar is suitable for bigger cats as the size can be adjusted from 24 to 30 cm. The collar comes with a bell, so you can easily locate your bell.

Tafeiya 3 x Reflective Design Adjustable Cat Collars

  • Quality quick release buckle
  • Large adjustable range from 20 - 32cm
  • Pack of 3 - available in several different colours
  • Reflective design for safety

With multiple colours to choose from, finding the best collar for your cat won’t be a problem. The quick-release buckle allows for easy on and off without irritating your cat. The teeth don’t get stuck and don’t harm the cat’s delicate skin, so the collar can be worn for extended periods. 

Adjusting the collar for the perfect fit is effortless. The size can be adjusted from 20 to 32 cm, so it will work for almost all cats. You can even use this collar with a kitten if you tighten it enough. The safety buckle allows you to open the collar fast. 

The collar comes with a ringing bell that allows you to locate your kitty easily. Each packet contains 3 collars and there are several different colours available.

If your cat likes to wander around at night, this reflective collar will work perfectly to help you locate it.

Joytale Bow Tie Quick Release Cat Collar

  • Eye catching bow tie design
  • Easy to put on and attach
  • Made of cotton fabric
  • Adjustable 18-25cm

Give your cat a stylish look that matches its exceptional personality with this cat collar. This collar works for small and medium-sized cats, as the length can be adjusted from 18 to 25 cm. 

It’s an excellent choice for kittens and cats that have sensitive skin because the collar is made of 100% cotton fabric that doesn’t irritate the skin. The belt can be released quickly for maximum safety. The bow tie gives your kitty an elegant and lovable look. 

You’ll receive one collar when you buy this product, so it’s more expensive than other models on the market. It’s too small for larger cats.

SCENEREAL Cat Collar Quick Release with Bell

  • Suitable for smaller cats - size from 16 - 28cm
  • Elegant plaid design
  • Made of comfortable yet durable polyester
  • Comes with a bell

This collar has an elegant plaid design and comes in a packet of 3 different patterns, so you can switch between collars or use the collars for multiple cats in the house.

It is great for smaller cats and kittens, as the size can be adjusted from 16cm up to 28cm.

The collar is made of comfortable yet durable polyester, and a bell is also attached to help you locate your cat. Some reviews have noted that the plastic loop on the strap might be rough on a kitten's sensitive skin.


A quick release cat collar is an essential accessory for your cat, and with so many different collars available it can be difficult to make the right choice.

The best collars will keep your cat safe, be comfortable to wear and look good as well. As there is such a large range to choose from, and cat collars are generally quite cheap you may wish to try a few different options until you find a collar that works for you and your cat.

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