Cat Window Screens and Guards

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Cat window screens or guards are widely used on balconies or in flats and houses with upper floors. They will let air flow in through the window while stopping the cat from potentially falling through.

There are some great cat window screens currently available and we have summarised our favourites in the table below:

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Uses of a Cat Window Screen

The most common reason for using a cat window screen or guard is to protect the cat from falling from a balcony or an upper floor window in a flat or a house.

Although cats can jump and fall quite some distance and always land on their feet, if they fall from a great height they will get injured. 

At the same time, it is not always practical to keep all of the windows closed or to keep your cat off the balcony, and this is where a cat window screen or balcony net can be used.

A cat window screen can be attached to a window so that it can be opened to let air through, while at the same time stopping the cat from falling through.

Cat Window Screens can also be used to stop cats from crashing into the glass or windows. 

Sometimes they set off on a chase for an insect or a bird and don’t realise there is a pane of glass between them and their prey!

Cat Window Net or Mesh?

The main choice you will need to make when looking for the best cat window screen is whether you would prefer netting or mesh to make up your screen.

A protective net will have larger diameter holes, but this is not necessarily a disadvantage as most products will have been designed so that even the smallest of cats won’t be able to poke their head through.

A good example of a cat window net is the Trixie Protective Net, which can also be used on balconies as well as interior windows.

Other products such as the Bella & Balu Cat Safety Net comprise meshing as part of the screen, so this means that the holes have a much smaller diameter.

Both types of product claim to be transparent, so it will come down to your personal preference. A side benefit of the mesh screens is that they will also keep out unwanted flies and insects.

Features of a Cat Window Screen

Whichever type of cat window screen you purchase, the most important feature is that it should be strong and durable.

Cats have very sharp claws, so it should be able to withstand the cat potentially pulling on the netting or mesh without it falling down or coming unstuck from the window.

A cat proof window screen shouldn’t feel restrictive to the cat, so they should be able to see through to the outdoors while being protected from a fall. This means that the netting or mesh should not be too thick.

A good window guard will also be easy to install, and there are various methods of fixing the screens to the windows including hook and loop fittings and self adhesive tape.

We have reviewed our favourite models of cat window screen below:

Cat Window Screen Reviews

My Carbon Window Screen

  • Easy to install without drilling
  • Can be cut to size
  • Effective against insects so good for small cats

This is our first choice for a good quality cat window guard and receives fantastic reviews on Amazon.

The netting can also be used as an insect net, so it provides full protection for all sizes of cat. The tough material means cats won't be able to break through.

It can be used inside or outdoors, so it can be used as a window screen or as a balcony net.

This window screen comes in a 150 x 180cm, but it can easily be cut down to the size and shape of the window required with the cutting tool which is included.

A great product that will allow you to get air through the house while keeping your cat safe.

PiuPet Cat Safety Net

  • Extra large 8m x 3m
  • Can be used for balcony or window
  • Includes extra sturdy nylon threads
  • Tear resistant netting

The PiuPet Cat Safety Net provides a strong and sturdy screen for your window or balcony with extra-sturdy nylon threads.

The netting is also tear-resistant and is made from high quality, UV and weather resistant material.

The net is easy to install with a fastening rope and hooks, and the ideal mesh size of 3 x 3cm means that your view through the window is not restricted.

Another great cat window screen that will keep your cats safe from falls.

Duchen Window Protection for Cats

  • Available in several different sizes
  • Also keeps out bugs and insects
  • Transparent mesh with small diameter holes
  • Includes zipper

The Duchen Window Protection for cats also includes mesh netting with very small diameter holes, so it provides protection for your cats while keeping out unwanted bugs and insects.

The product is very well designed, with super small diameter holes which makes the netting transparent and doesn’t detract from the appearance of the window. It also includes a zipper.

It is easy to install with self adhesive tape and it is available in several different sizes so there should be one to fit the windows that you need.

Flat Cats Window Protection

  • Strong pvc coated fibreglass mesh
  • Hook and loop fixings machined into the material
  • Fits almost every window surface

The Flat Cats Window Protection pack consists of high tensile, fibreglass coated pvc mesh that will provide protection for your cat.

The mesh is easy to install as it includes 5cm of hook and loop fittings which are machined into the netting all the way round. There are also self adhesive fixings for the window frame so it can be attached to almost every window surface.

An added bonus for this product is that the mesh is so small it helps with keeping flies and bugs out, which is an extra benefit especially in the summer!

Bella & Balu Cat Safety Net

  • Transparent net for balcony, window, terrace and door
  • Tear, weather and UV resistant
  • Dimension 4m x 3m can be cut to size

Our final product recommendation for a cat window screen is the Bella & Balu Cat Safety Net.

This product consists of .44mm thick nylon with a mesh width of 3 x 3mm, so it is similar to the Flat Cats and Duchen products.

This is a high quality cat safety net which is easy to install and can be cut to the size required for your window.


Your cat’s safety should be your priority, so if you live in a flat with a balcony or have upper floor windows you like to keep open then a cat safety net or window guard is essential.

The products that we have reviewed above are just a selection of the great quality cat window screens available. They are also great value and a small price to pay for the peace of mind knowing that your cat is safe while you get some fresh air through the house on a hot and stuffy day.

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