Cat Kennels

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A nice cat kennel can provide your cat with a private place to rest and sleep. 

Although kennels are traditionally more likely to be associated with dogs, there are now some really good cat kennels available and we have summarised our favourites in the table below:

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Why do I need a Cat Kennel?

Cats are solitary animals, and like nothing better than having territory which they can call their own.

A cat kennel, much like an outdoor cat house, can provide your cat with this place as it means they know they can get some rest without being disturbed. This is a real benefit to their health and much better than having to move from their favourite bed or armchair!

A kennel can also provide a place for the cat to get away from the noise and stress of family life in the house. You might find that your cat spends plenty of time in their cat kennel if it is nicely built, well equipped and keeps them nice and warm.

Cat Kennels are also useful if your cat has to spend extended periods of time outside, whether you are out at work or don’t have the space or facility to install a cat flap.

This means that the kennel can be a place your cat can shelter if the weather takes a turn for the worse, or just spend some time while they wait for you to come home!

One final reason for investing in a cat kennel is that it provides a place for stray cats to keep warm. If you know of some strays who often visit your garden, then they will welcome the opportunity to spend some time in a nice, cosy kennel.

Features of a Good Quality Cat Kennel

Study Build and Weatherproof

It probably goes without saying that the most important feature of a good quality cat kennel is that it is sturdily built and waterproof.

Most cat kennels are made from strong and weatherproof plastic, and the benefits of this type of material is that it won’t rot and they are very long lasting.

Several plastic kennels are moulded from a single piece of plastic, so this means that there no draughts or areas of weakness.

Some kennels are made from wood, which of course is good for the environment and you may prefer a more rustic look in your yard or garden. 

Wooden cat kennels should still protect your cat from the weather, although you may need to apply some extra stain or protection to the wood.

Small Cat Kennels

The majority of cat kennels are quite small, so they provide a snug fit when your cat is inside. 

We all know that cats like to curl up in small spaces, so cats will naturally like a tight fitting cat kennel - although of course it is important to make sure they will fit inside!

A small cat kennel also reduces the amount of space taken up in your garden or yard, so a good small kennel should fit nicely into one of the corners or nooks and crannies.

Cat Kennel with Cat Flap

Some cat kennels are equipped with a cat flap, and this can provide your cat with an extra feeling of security. 

A good example of a cat kennel with cat flap is the Cosy Cages Cat Kennel which includes a non locking cat flap.

This allows your cat to easily access the kennel but may also help to keep out neighbouring cats who fancy a rest.

Insulated Cat Kennel

As mentioned, several cat kennels are made from moulded plastic so this means they will keep the cat warm and dry. 

Another way to provide warmth in a kennel is to use a cat heating pad, as this uses clever technology to provide warmth from the cat when they lie on it. As many cat kennels keep out draughts very well, this means that your cat will soon get nice and cosy in their kennel.

We have reviewed some the best cat heating pads in a separate post and they make a great addition to a cat kennel.

Modern and stylish

A final benefit of investing in a cat kennel for your pet is that it just looks good in the garden. 

Most modern cat kennels have a stylish and contemporary design, and a cat kennel in your outdoor space will definitely provide a talking point!

Cat Kennel Reviews

Mr Snugs Outdoor Cat Kennel

  • Very popular cat kennel
  • Front roof overhang keeps interior dry
  • Easy to maintain and hygienic
  • No assembly required
  • Dimensions 41 x 55 x 40cm

Our first choice is the very popular Mr Snugs Outdoor Cat Kennel.

This kennel is made from a single piece of moulded plastic, so there are no cracks or weaknesses and it is completely windproof and waterproof. This also means there is no assembly required.

It provides a safe and secure place for your cat, and includes a front roof overhang and recessed door to keep the interior dry.

This cat kennel is easy to maintain and will last a long time - it receives fantastic reviews and your cat will be as snug as a bug!

Cosy Cages Plastic Outdoor Cat Kennel

  • Made from moulded plastic
  • Waterproof and windproof
  • Dimensions 55 x 45 x 42cm

The Cosy Cages Outdoor Cat Kennel is similar to the Mr Snugs design, in that it is made from a single piece of moulded plastic so it is waterproof and weatherproof.

It is slightly larger than the Mr Snugs kennel, and also provides all of the other benefits such as an overhang to keep the interior dry and low maintenance.

Many owners have recommended adding a fleece or blanket for comfort, or you may even want to try a cat heating pad.

Croci Recycled Kennel Villa

  • Made from recycled plastic
  • Ventiliation grids provide air circulation
  • Stylish design
  • Suitable for both cats and dogs

The Croci recycled Kennel Villa would provide a stylish addition to your yard or garden, as well as a place for your cat to call home from home.

It is made from 100% recycled plastic, and although you will need to fit the roof it should still provide complete protection from the weather.

A good addition to this cat kennel is the ventilation grids which can provide air M, and the grooved interior will drain any fluids away.

The kennel is available in 2 different sizes, and we would recommend that the smaller size of 60cm x 50cm x 41cm will be sufficient for almost all cats. The larger size is very popular with dog owners.

Kerbl Rustica Cat House

  • Made from high quality china fir
  • Includes swing door
  • Height adjustable plastic feet provides clearance
  • Easy assembly

The Kerbl Rustica Cat House is made from high quality china fir, providing a rustic and stylish look for your garden.

It includes a plastic swing door as well as a plexiglass window to the side which provides light and ventilation.

Another excellent feature of this cat kennel is the height adjustable plastic feet, which mean that it stands off the ground providing clearance and safety.

This product is more like an outdoor cat house than a cat kennel, but it makes our list as an excellent alternative to the plastic kennels already mentioned.

Cosy Cages Kennel with Square Flap

  • Includes non-locking cat flap
  • Larger entrance
  • Marble effect
  • Dimensions 55cm x 45.5cm x 41cm

This kennel has the same features as the Cosy Cages kennel previously featured, but also includes a free flowing, non locking cat flap.

This means that it has a larger entrance, and provides an extra level of security and protection for your cat.

It has a marble effect, green colour to blend in with your garden or outdoor space, and is made from rotational moulded plastic so it is very hygienic and easy to maintain.


Cat kennels are becoming more popular with cat owners as they provide a private place in your garden for your cat to rest and sleep.

This is just a selection of the high quality and stylish cat kennels available, and we will keep you up to date with the latest models as more and more kennels become available.

If you have enjoyed these reviews, check out some of our other recommendations for cat products in the home including cat window screens and large cat trees.

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