Outdoor Cat Houses

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An outdoor cat house can provide a private place for your cat to rest, play and observe their surroundings.

There are plenty of good quality outdoor cat houses available on the market, and we have prepared an easy to use table of some of our preferred options:

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Why do I need an Outdoor Cat House?

By their very nature, cats are solitary animals and like nothing more than having their own territory.

An outdoor cat house can provide them with this place, even if they also spend quite some time in the main house interacting with you and your family. 

If they have their own space, then they know that they are not going to be disturbed and moved from a resting place on a bed, a sofa or an armchair. 

The noise and busy activity of daily family life can be stressful for a cat, so an outdoor cat house can be good for their health as they are able to relax and hide away for a rest and a nap whenever they like.

Features of an Outdoor Cat House

Sturdy Build and Weatherproof

The first and most obvious feature you should look for in a good outdoor cat house is high quality materials and a sturdy build.

Your cat is likely to be spending some time in their house, which will include jumping, playing and scratching, so it should be able to withstand heavy use.

In terms of materials, the best outdoor cat houses are made from natural wood or from plastic.  As they are designed to be permanently outside, it goes without saying that they should be able to withstand any weather, from hot sunshine to wind, ice and snow. 

This means that the exterior should be made or include water and weather resistant materials, so that your cat stays dry if a storm passes through during an afternoon nap!


There is a wide range of outdoor cat houses available, ranging from small and simple houses to those with multiple levels, cat flaps, stairs and terraces!

Small Outdoor Cat Houses

Some houses are much like rabbit or guinea pig hutches, with a ramp leading to a small entrance and a hutch that is not much larger than the cat itself. This will provide a nice little hideaway for your cat to make their own.

A good example of this is the Viva Pet Cat House, and this type of house can be used both indoors and outdoors as it is so small and easy to move around.

If you are looking for a small outdoor cat house, then you could also consider a cat kennel. Although kennels are more traditionally associated with dogs, they are also suitable for cats as well and there are some excellent kennels available which we have reviewed on our post about the best cat kennels.

Large Outdoor Cat Houses

Other outdoor cat houses are much more elaborate, and a popular design at the moment is a house which includes steps up to a terrace or verandah, with a covered area for resting below.

Outdoor Cat House with Flap

Another potentially useful feature of your cat house is a cat flap, and in particular an outdoor cat house with a microchip cat flap.

These cat flaps can be programmed so that they only open for the cat wearing the appropriate microchip, so this will prevent stray cats and other cats from the neighbourhood from using the house.

Although these houses are generally more expensive, it can be worth it if this will make your cat feel stress free and more at ease in their ‘home’

Outdoor Cat House for Winter

A common question among cat owners is whether their outdoor cat house will be suitable for winter. 

As most cat houses are not connected to the central heating, it is therefore important to make sure that the house is well insulated if you intend to use it during the winter months.

A good way to get some warmth into the house is to use a heated cat pad. These pads use clever technology to provide warmth using the cat’s own body heat - and we have written a separate post on recommended pads.

If a good quality heated pad is used in combination with a well insulated house there is no reason why your cat should not keep warm and cosy even on cold winter days.

Finally, you should check the dimensions of the house you are buying to make sure your cat will fit, and ensure that you have the appropriate tools to construct the house when it arrives.

Outdoor Cat House Reviews

Pawhut Wooden Outdoor Cat House

  • Beautifully designed cat house with verandah
  • Provides protection from the weather
  • Dimensions 77 x 50 x 73cm
  • Easy access with side ladder

This beautifully designed outdoor cat house will not only be a talking point in your garden, but it will also provide your cat with a place to play and rest with their very own verandah!

The house also includes a cozy bottom compartment, which is quite small but a nice place for your cat to curl up for a sleep.

Importantly, the house provides protection from the weather with an asphalt roof, and the house is made from the finest fir wood for long term use.

The door in the bottom compartment measures around 15cm x 18cm, so this should be good for smaller cats. It is worth making sure your cat will fit if you are intending to give this house a try!

Aivituvin 2-Storey Outdoor Cat House

  • Two storey cat house for outdoor use
  • Includes inner ramp and two entrance doors
  • Made from 100% solid wood
  • Dimensions 28.3” x 21.7” x 33.9”

If you are looking for a really extravagant outdoor cat house, then our next recommendation is the one for you!

This house includes a double storey with entrances available on both the upper and lower floors as well as indoor ramp so it is a great place for your cat to play.

The extra large side door allows for easy cleaning and the four castors with brakes mean it is easy to move around.

This house is made from 100% solid wood so it is very durable and your cat will be the envy of the neighbourhood!

Pawhut Garden Wooden Cat House

  • Includes cat flap and window
  • Made from durable fir wood
  • Dimensions 70 x 51.5 x 60cm

This outdoor cat house provides a great place for cats to relax, sleep and have a place to call their own.

It is made from fir wood, so it offers excellent strength and durability and is raised off the ground to protect from ground chill.

One of the best features of this cat house is the cat flap, so this provides security as well as ventilation. There is also a window for your cat to look out of.

The top is easily opened for cleaning or if you want to lift kittens in and out. Overall, a great option for a reasonably priced outdoor cat house.

Mr Snugs Outdoor Cat House

  • No assembly required
  • Front roof overhang keeps interior dry
  • Easy to maintain
  • Dimensions 41 x 55 x 40cm

This outdoor cat house from Mr Snugs is different from most of the other houses we have featured, in that it is made from a single piece of molded plastic so no construction is required.

It provides a safe and secure place for your cat, and includes a front roof overhang and recessed door to keep the interior dry.

This cat house is easy to maintain and will last a long time - it receives fantastic reviews and your cat will be as snug as a bug!

Viva Pet Cat Wooden Hide House

  • Small and snug hideaway
  • Can be used in small outdoor places 
  • Dimensions 17cm width x 27 cm height

This is probably the smallest outdoor cat house we have featured in our reviews, but we really like this hideaway as it can also be used indoors or if you only have a very small outdoor space such as a terrace or a balcony.

The hideaway is easy to construct, and is raised off the ground to ensure good air circulation beneath the sleeping quarters.

Your cat will be warm and cosy in this little hideaway, and the roof lifts off as well for easy cleaning.


These are just a selection of some of the great outdoor cat houses available, so whether you are looking for a house for your own cat or to provide some comfort to a stray, there should be something to suit the requirements of both you and your pet.

If you enjoyed this review then check out some of our other recommendations including cat kennels, large cat trees and cat window screens - which will help keep your house airy while preventing injury to your cat.

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