Lily’s Kitchen Cat Food Review

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Cats with health issues or ageing cats usually need high-quality food, and even healthy ones can use the boost from eating clean. That’s why Henrietta Morrison created healthful foods for pets a decade ago, under the name of her dog; Lily.  ‘

Lily’s Kitchen now offers a wide range of both cat and dog food, and as it is one of the leading brands on the market we have prepared this thorough Lily’s Kitchen Cat Food review.

High Quality Ingredients

One of the main philosophies behind Lily’s Kitchen cat food is that all of their recipes are made from high quality, nutritious ingredients. 

All of their food includes proper meat and fish without any fillers, processed foods or artificial additives.This means that the meals are not only tasty and easy to digest, they include plenty of protein which is important for healthy muscle and tissue growth.

Lily’s Kitchen Cat Food recipes also include wholesome fruit and veg as well as carefully selected herbs, minerals and vitamins. The end result is a well balanced range of meals which are tailored for pets of all ages, from kittens right through to seniors.

Lilys’ Kitchen Dry Food

Dry food is by far the most popular type that pets consume. That’s because it’s easier to store and serve. Also, its crunchy texture is often a winner with both cats and dogs. You can give your cat a combination of dry and wet food to get the benefits of both.

Lily’s Kitchen offers a great range of dry cat food, which each meal packed full of quality ingredients and nutrition.

The flavour selection concentrates on white meat (chicken and turkey) and fish, with options for all ages of cat.

Our favourite is the Chicken Casserole Complete Adult Dry Food (reviewed below),  which includes 70% meat and a well balanced range of nutrients.

Other very good options include White Fish and Salmon Fisherman’s Feast and Chicken & White Fish Kitten Dry Food

This dry food has been created by vets and nutrionists to provide a wholesome and delicitous recipe tailored to a kitten’s dietary needs. It includes everything a kitten will need in the first year of their life, and comes in a smaller kibble for littler mouths.

If you prefer to feed your cat dry food it is important to make sure they stay hydrated and the best way to do this is with a cat water fountain. The Miaustore Cat Water Fountain, the Cat Mate Water Fountain or the Catit Flower Fountain are all great choices.

Lily’s Kitchen Wet Cat Food

Many cats prefer wet food as it can be extremely tasty and easier to digest than dry food. It is also generally easier to control portion size if your cat eats wet food, and with so many different flavours available you can try a few different meals until you find one that your cat enjoys.

Lily’s Kitchen wet cat food takes centre stage in their range, with a great variety of meals available that all include high quality meat or fish for a premium taste.

The amount of water in every meal guarantees that your pet stays hydrated, which reflects on its overall vitality. It’s also beneficial to a cat’s kidneys and urinary tracts. 

There’s a large variety of flavours classified according to age, ingredients, and special diets. The meals also come in different assorted packages, so your pet can have a truly luxurious menu every day. 

Gourmet Dinners

Noteworthy selections include the Organic Fish Dinner, Lovely Lamb Casserole, Catch of the Day, and Organic Beef Dinner. They all contain a high percentage of pure meat exceeding 60% of the meal. Like the dry food variety, they’re also rich in minerals and essential vitamins.

There are also varieties for Curious Kittens as well as Marvellous Senior cats. 

These delicacies don’t come particularly cheap, and most of them hover around the £15 mark. But, when you consider the fine ingredients they contain, and the effort invested in formulating them, things come into perspective. These meals are definitely worth the cash.  

Elegant Suppers

Dinners are the main meals for cats, but they do love to munch a bit around supper. That’s why the thoughtful folks at Lily’s Kitchen offer smaller and lighter snacks they call ‘Supurrs’. These healthy bites are more of a stew, and they also come in flavours guaranteed to tempt any feline. 

It’s hard to imagine any cat resisting the Chicken with Beef Stew or the Chicken with Duck Stew. As for the Chicken with Salmon Stew, that’s definitely an exotic snack you wouldn’t want your cat to miss.        

Cat Treats

Cats live an extra treat, most owners know this fact and use it well! 

They can be used to help your cat hop into its carrier for a trip to the vet, or to coax them out of your child’s bedroom in the evening. There’s a long list of occasions where cat treats literally save the day. 

On top of all that, these bites make your cat cheery and that’s an excellent reason to keep them coming. However, most cat owners are aware that treats should be offered in moderation, and they’re never too sure about what goes into them.

The cat treats from Lily’s Kitchen are just as clean and nutritious as the rest of the cat foods they sell. You can actually give your cat up to 10 treats a day without feeling the least bit guilty. 

Selection Boxes

You have the option to buy bundles packages of a variety of Lily’s Kitchen products. Some are available as Trial Packs with dry food, wet dinner, and wet supper. While other selection boxes are assorted dinners with different flavours, like the 20-tray Pet Truck Ltd Exclusive Multi Selection Pack.

Lily's Kitchen Cat Food Reviews

Here are our top recommended Lily’s Kitchen products. These foods include both complete and complementary foods. This means they can be either eaten alone or with other foods.

Lily's Kitchen Complete Chicken Casserole Adult Dry Food

This is a great option if your cat prefers to eat dry cat food.

It provides a well balanced and delicious meal, with 70% meat content and is free from any meat meal or artificial additives. 

It is great to snack on throughout the day and also includes triangle shaped kibble which helps to reduce plaque for healthier teeth.

Lily's Kitchen Multipack Adult Natural Wet Cat Food

This multipack wet cat food option includes a great selection of four wholesome and healthy cat recipes.

You can choose from Classic Chicken Dinner, Lovely Lamb Casserole, Hunter’s Hot Pot and Poultry Pie, and the best thing about these meals is that they include 65% fresh meat as well as added vitamins and essential taurine.

Lily's Kitchen Adult Organic Fish Dinner Complete Wet Cat Food

If your cat prefers seafood, then this Organic Fish Dinner Complete Wet Cat Food pack is a great choice.

It is made with 100% organic and free range ingredients, and is freshly made with fish as the main ingredient. It also contains essential taurine, which is very important for your cat’s health.

Lily’s Kitchen Kitten Chicken and White Fish Complete Dry Food

Lily’s Kitchen cat food caters for all ages of cats and this food is specifically designed for the needs of kittens up to the age of 1 year.

It includes all of the nutrients kittens require, and the recipe include 75% meat for a great taste. It has no grains or meat meal, and comes in smaller kibble so it is easier for a kitten to digest.


Proper food is especially important for growing kittens, adult cats with health issues, and ageing cats. 

With the emphasis on quality ingredients and great taste, Lily’s Kitchen provides a great range of all types of cat food. Although it may be slightly more expensive than some other brands, you will certainly get what you pay for with a high quality cat food that will keep your pet healthy and satisfied.

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