Crave Cat Food Review

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The cat food industry is controversial. Many people believe that cats should eat whole foods, just like their ancestors used to. However, others prefer to feed them manufactured food since it’s more convenient. 

What if there's a brand that incorporates both features? Crave Cat Food is a pet food brand that manufactures its products from actual meat and packs it up for you so that it’s ready for your cat whenever she needs it.

This Crave Cat Food review will feature some of the tastiest and best quality foods available from Crave, and we have highlighted our favourites in the easy to use table below. 

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Why Choose Crave Cat Food?

All of Crave’s products meet the nutritional levels established by AAFCO (The Association of American Feed Control Officials). This is the first thing that many people look for when buying any pet food.

Additionally, real meat is the main ingredient in their products. This ensures a high-quality and protein-rich meal, which is the food cats evolved to consume!

Unlike other brands, they don't use wheat, maise, dairy or soy, since these ingredients can cause digestive issues. They also don’t add any artificial colours or preservatives.

Finally, Crave gives you a plethora of flavours to choose from, so you can keep your cat always interested!

Crave Dry Cat Food Reviews

Crave provides dry food that’s infused with a percentage of fresh protein from meat. We have  reviewed two of their tastiest options.

Crave Dry Cat Food with Turkey and Chicken

  • High % of fresh chicken
  • Recommended for cats that need to put on extra kilos
  • Great for cats that enjoy bird meat
  • Easy to serve and clean up afterwards

If your cat is calorie-burner that can’t sit still, this product is for you. It’s marketed for cats who need to put on some muscle, which is why it’s packed with tons of calories and protein. 

12% of the protein content comes from fresh chicken, which grabs a cat’s instinct to the kibble with an irresistible taste and smell.

The rest of the protein content comes from dried chicken, dried turkey and some plant-based protein, all working together to build your cat’s muscular system. This provides a great mix for cats that enjoy white meat. Each pack contains 750g, which is good for an average of 45 servings.

Most reviews agree that their cats devour these kibbles once they’re served, which has helped them fatten up and become healthier. Even the fussy cats who have high standards fell in love with Crave.

One point to note is that this food is low in moisture so it is worth providing fresh water with a cat water fountain. Alternatively, if your cat prefers wet cat food there are some great options from Crave we have reviewed below.


  • Package weight: 750g
  • Protein content: 40%
  • Fibre content: 1.8%
  • Fat content: 18%
  • Protein sources: Chicken, turkey, beef liver, lentils, potatoes, and peas

Crave Dry Cat Food with Salmon and Whitefish

  • Includes a generous amount of salmon, which is a lean protein source
  • Rich in fibres
  • Perfect for cats that enjoy seafood
  • High in calories for underweight cats

If your cat gravitates towards tuna cans, then this product is the one for you. Mainly consisting of salmon, whitefish protein is included to provide an extra fishy taste and smell that will make your kitty salivate.

14% of the protein content in this product is from fresh fish, which will stimulate your cat’s nature and satisfy her needs. The rest of the protein comes from dried salmon, dried whitefish, dried chicken and plant-based protein.

Additionally, this flavour of Crave dry food provides almost double the amount of fibre that is in the previous one, which is beneficial for your cat’s digestion, all while keeping the same protein content. Also, the salmon version is more affordable than the chicken one!

Some reviewers complained about the larger-than-average kibble size, which gave their cats a hard time chewing. You can overcome this by breaking the kibble into smaller pieces while in the package by hammering on it gently. 


  • Package weight: 750g
  • Protein content: 40%
  • Fibre content: 3.7%
  • Fat content: 17.9%
  • Protein sources: salmon, whitefish, chicken, beef greaves, and pea protein

Crave Wet Food Reviews

Wet cat food has many benefits, including that it provides more moisture and it can be easier to chew for many cats. Our article on the benefits of wet cat food goes into these in more detail.

Crave wet cat food comes in pâté form. These pouches have tasty meat content and will provide your cat with a well-rounded meal.

Crave Salmon and Chicken Cat Food Pâté

  • Natural ingredients and a tasty dual flavour
  • High in protein to support strong muscles
  • High in moisture content
  • Served in convenient pouches

This quality wet cat food combines both fish and chicken to create the perfect mix for cats who enjoy both seafood and bird meat. The protein comes from deboned chicken meat, liver, carcass, intestines, plus salmon meat and pork liver.

The food is rich in protein, which helps to support strong muscles and it is free from maize, wheat, soya and dairy.

It is served convenient pouches, which helps to monitor portion control, and although the price is slightly more than some other options most reviewers agree it is worth every penny.


  • Package weight: 85g
  • Protein content: 11%
  • Fibre content: 0.22%
  • Fat content: 8.3%
  • Protein sources: chicken, salmon, pork liver, and chicken organs

Crave Lamb and Beef Pâté

  • Meaty texture and tasty flavour
  • Premium quality with natural ingredients
  • Rich in protein and high in vitamins
  • Easy to chew and digest

Crave Lamb and Beef Pâté is an excellent option if your cat prefers the flavour of red meat.

This food comprises of high quality, natural ingredients to provide a tasty flavour and a meaty texture. It is high in protein, and just like the salmon and chicken option it is free from maize, wheat, soya and dairy.

Review of this food had people endorsing all the benefits of wet food like better digestion, better stool, easier chewing and swallowing, and weight maintenance..

This is a great all round wet food option.


  • Package weight: 85g
  • Protein content: 11%
  • Fibre content: 0.22%
  • Fat content: 8.3%
  • Protein sources: beef, buffalo heart, lamb lung, chicken organs, pork and pork liver


The Crave range of cat food provides a great range of options to find the perfect meal for your cat.

Your cat may prefer the dry food options which are rich in flavour and high in fibre, or they may prefer the wet food pate options which are easy to digest and high in protein to support strong muscles.

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