Grain Free Cat Food

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If your cat is sensitive to cereal grains, it’s time to find the best grain-free cat food you can get your hands on.

In this article, we’ll shed some light on the best options on the market, so you can take your pick according to your cat’s preference. We also included some hypoallergenic options in case your little one is suffering from an allergy.

There are some great grain free options available, and we have listed our favourites in this easy to use table, with more detailed reviews later in the article.

Product Name



Applaws Wet Cat Food for Senior Adult Cats.

Multipack Tuna and Chicken Selection in Jelly 6 x 70g

Lily's Kitchen Delicious Chicken Casserole Complete Adult Cat Food

James Wellbeloved Grain Free Turkey Adult Cat Food

Thrive Cat Food, Complete Chicken and Turkey Pack of 6

Scrumbles Grain Free Salmon Wet Cat Food

Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets. Dry Cat Food 3.5kg

Features To Consider When Buying Grain-free Cat Food

Here’s a list of the features that you should look for when buying grain-free cat food. When it comes to your cat, you don’t want to make the wrong choice. That’s why being all-inclusive beforehand is incredibly handy.


Grain-free food should be high on protein to compensate for the lost texture. That’s why you’ll find most of our top picks consisting of chicken, beef, and turkey. These are the ingredients you should look for when buying. 

Secondly, your cat’s grain-food better be empty of artificial flavours. They affect the meal’s balance, which may upset the cat’s stomach and harm it. Synthetic ingredients are rich in fats and starches, which your cat doesn't need.

Other ingredients that you should avoid are wheat and soy substances. They have no nutritional value whatsoever; manufacturers only add them as fillers. You don’t need these kinds of ingredients in your cat’s food.


The size of the can or pack is essential for your cat’s health. You may think your choice should only depend on your cat’s needs, but you should also take care of the freshness. Large cans stay for longer, but they’ll lose their freshness faster than small ones. 

Small cans will ensure that the food stays healthy for your cat for as long as possible. You may need to get a large can if you have a large cat who eats a lot. Other than that, smaller ones are a better choice.


Any cat’s food should have enough moisture to provide the cat with the hydration it needs. If she doesn’t get hydrated, it may cause urinary tract diseases, along with blockages that are a nuisance to treat.

Most cats don’t drink enough to suffice for their diet; that’s why you should pick a food can that has a percentage of liquid.

If your cat prefers dry cat food, then a good way to avoid dehydration is to provide fresh water through a cat water fountain.  We have reviewed our favourite models elsewhere on this website.

If you’re choosing wet food, make sure that it works as a full meal, not a complimentary product. A lot of wet cat food is available on the market as a complementary dish, which usually doesn’t have all the nutrients your cat needs.

Grain Free Cat Food Reviews

Here are our six top picks for grain-free cat food. We made sure to include a variety of wet and dry foods, so you can choose what fits your cat best.

Best Grain Free Wet Cat Food

Applaws Wet Cat Food for Senior Adult Cats

  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Three flavours available
  • Suitable for cats with digestive issues

If you have an adult cat who loves wet food, this Applaws product would be an excellent choice for her. The pack contains fine cuts of a variety of fish, including sardines, salmon, and tuna. They’re mixed with a vegetable jelly that accounts for the delicious taste. The healthy ingredients make the Applaws work as a full meal for old cats.

Upon purchasing, you get a pack of three different flavours. That way, you’ll keep things interesting for your cat, and she’ll be able to choose her favourite. The wet food is also 100% natural, keeping your cat healthy without additives or preservatives.

Applaws is low on carbohydrates, making it even healthier than common grain-free foods. It works for dogs too, in case you have a puppy in need of a meal.

Lily's Kitchen Delicious Chicken Casserole

  • Delicious taste
  • High quality ingredients
  • Suitable for cats with sensitive stomachs
  • Completely free of grains, wheat and gluten

Lily’s Kitchen has been long known for high-quality cat food. All the company’s recipes are grain-free, which is the reason users love it. The chicken casserole is made of tiny shredded pieces that are steam cooked. It’s a healthy choice for your cat.

The meat is served in vegetable juices that add a delicious taste to the meal. The pack comes with 70% chicken and chicken liver, along with 5% potato and 21% trout. There’s also some flaxseed and carrots for the taste. The pack can serve as a full meal for the cat without the need for any extra nutrition.

Lily’s Kitchen’s recipe is free of additives and preservatives, making it healthy to the fullest. It’s been approved by vets for healthy use, thanks to its high protein content. 

Best Grain Free Dry Cat Food

James Wellbeloved Adult Turkey and Vegetable Dry Cat Food

  • A complete dry food that is also hypoallergenic
  • Includes only natural ingredients and selected vitamins and minerals
  • Suitable for cats with sensitive stomachs

The grain-free dry food from James Wellbeloved is ideal for cats sensitive to grains. It’s made of all-natural ingredients, including a sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals.

On top of that, it’s naturally hypoallergenic, which works well for cats with sensitive stomachs and skins. The food doesn’t contain eggs, dairy, or anything that could be an allergen.

The James Wellbeloved pack is rich in Omega 3 and 6 oils, as well as natural antioxidants and prebiotics. It’ll suffice as a full meal for your cat. 

The pack’s ingredients’ list is a long one; it includes turkey fat, potato protein, turkey, pea protein and cranberry extract. There are a lot of other healthy components, but these are the main ones. All of them are highly digestible, so your cat’s stomach won’t get upset.

A great option for grain free dry cat food and available in several different size combinations.

Thrive Cat Food Complete Chicken and Turkey

  • Made of all-natural products
  • Complete cat food
  • Comes in a pack of 6
  • Budget friendly

If your cat is fond of chicken and turkey flavours, she’ll love this grain-free cat food from Thrive. It’s suitable for younger cats who still have sensitive stomachs. The can’s only ingredients are pure turkey and chicken fillet. That way, you’re sure your cat won’t be getting any unneeded fillers.

The fact that the can provides pure meat without any derivatives is the reason users love it. Most similar products on the market mix the real meat with a lot of additives to fill it, which unbalances your cat’s meals. 

The Thrive food serves as a full meal for your cat. It’s not a complementary product, so you don’t need to provide your cat with other treats.

Furthermore, the food is empty of any preservatives, colours, antioxidants, or any harmful ingredients for animals.

Scrumbles Grain Free Salmon Wet Adult Cat Food

  • Designed to be gut friendly
  • High protein content
  • Free of all additive harmful for cats
  • Complete and delicious food

When it comes to hydration, Scrumbles cat food is hard to match. It’s made of 75% moisture, which is beneficial for many reasons. For starters, it provides your cat’s body with enough hydration, which prevents many urinary tract diseases. On top of that, it makes the food easier to digest.

Scrumbles’ formula is ideal for sensitive stomachs, and the food is gently cooked for maximum digestibility. It contains high-quality ingredients with no preservatives whatsoever. While this doesn’t guarantee your cat will like it, it at least means the food won’t harm your cat.

The formula is 26% salmon, 24% chicken, and 20% chicken liver. The high protein content makes it a full meal for your cat.

Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets

  • Natural hypoallergenic
  • Diet to help manage allergies in all cats
  • A great taste with high quality ingredients
  • Purina specialise in foods for cats with food allergies and specific diets

If your cat suffers an allergy, it may be hard finding the right food for her, especially if you’re looking for grain-free options. Thankfully, the Purina Pro is here to make your life easier. It’s free of corn, preservatives, dairy, and any artificial ingredients that may cause allergies.

The Purina pro is made using hydrolysed protein, which means its chances of causing allergies are pretty much non-existent. The components also include purified carbohydrates, so you’re sure no contaminants will find their way to your cat’s stomach.

As a hypoallergenic, you should only use Purina Pro for 3–8 weeks at first to make sure your cat is tolerant of the ingredients. If no bad signs show, you’re safe to keep using it. You can also consult a vet beforehand to be sure.


In times gone by, it may have been difficult to find a good grain-free cat food, but as cat food and technology has developed there is now a great range of foods to choose from.

Your final selection will be down to personal choice and your cat's taste. We really like the James Wellbeloved Adult Dry Cat Food as well as the Lily's Kitchen Chicken Casserole. It may be worth trying a few options until you find a food your cat is happy with and is within your budget.

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