Donut Cat Beds

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Donut Cat Beds are super soft, very comfy and your cat will love to rest and sleep on one!

We have reviewed some of the best donut cat beds below, but if you are in a hurry then you can consult our easy to use table below.

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What is a Donut Cat Bed?

A Donut Cat Bed is a soft, round, cat bed which gets it’s name because it looks just like a doughnut (the American spelling has been commonly adopted).

They have raised sides so the cat can sleep in the middle of the bed, just as if they were sleeping in the middle of a really comfortable doughnut!

Donut Cat Beds have several benefits which are as below:

Benefits of a Donut Cat Bed

Supports Very Good Sleep

As mentioned above, cats will love to sleep in the middle of a donut cat bed so they are ideal for cats that like to curl up while they sleep.

They will get really warm and comfortable, so there is no need for a heated cat bed or cat heating pad. These types of bed are also usually made from super soft material, so once they get comfy don’t be surprised if your cat spends a lot of time in her bed!

Provides safety and security

Cats love to have their own place, and they will feel secure in a donut cat bed thanks to the raised edge where they can rest their head while they are sleeping or just watch the world go by.

A donut cat bed can also have a very calming effect as cats will love to knead their bed before they settle down to sleep. A cat will knead when it is feeling happy or content and can result in better behaviour and improved health.

A donut bed can also be a great choice for a kitten bed as they are so soft and secure.

A stylish and modern bed

A good quality donut cat bed will not only provide your cat with a great place to rest, it will also provide a talking point and look good in your home.

Donut cat beds are available in many different colours and sizes, so there should be a bed to suit both you and your pet. There are even Rainbow colour donut beds available

Great Value

Donut Cat Beds are generally great value, with most beds priced between around £10 and £25. We think this is a small price to pay for a piece of furniture that will be used for between 16 and 20 hours a day!

What Size Donut Cat Bed should I buy?

Most makes of donut cat bed are available in several different sizes, ranging from as small as 35cm through to up to 100cm in diameter.

It is important that you buy the correct size of bed for your cat, as if you buy a bed that is too small then they won’t fit into it, but if you buy a bed that is too big they will get lost in the bed and won’t enjoy the full benefits of being able to snuggle up to the sides.

Many donut style beds are also made to be able to cater for dogs as well, so it is best to avoid the larger sizes if you are buying for a cat.

There is no definitive guide to the exact size you should buy, but in general small cats up to 5kg shouldn’t require a bed larger than 50cm in diameter. Most tortoiseshell cats are quite small, but some larger breeds might require the next size up. It is always worth checking the reviews and dimensions of the particular make of bed you are considering to purchase.

Donut Cat Bed Reviews

LONTG Calming Cat Donut Bed

  • Soft and comfy donut cat bed
  • Recommended for cats under 5kg
  • Diameter 55cm
  • Non-slip and moisture proof bottom

Our first choice is the LONTG Calming Cat Donut Bed.

This bed is made from premium plush, PP cotton padding which means that it is super soft and comfortable for your cat. They will love to rest their heads on the side or curl up for a nice sleep.

The bottom is made from Oxford cloth, so it is moisture proof and non-slip. The bed can also be washed in the machine and is ideal for small to medium sized cats that weigh 5kg or less.

Enjamoy Cat Donut Bed

  • Super soft and fluffy cat bed
  • Raised rim for better sleep
  • Anti slip bottom
  • Suitable for cats up to 4kg

The Enjamoy Cat Donut Bed is a super soft and fluffy bed that is made from premium plush material with extra thick PP cotton. This means that it is a really comfortable place for your cat to rest and offers joint support as well.

There are four sizes available, the larger sizes are more suitable for dogs so we recommend the smaller size for cats up to 4kg.

This bed has a raised rim to offer support during sleep, and once your cat gets themselves comfy in this bed it is unlikely they will want to get out!

It also has non-slip material on the bottom of the bed so it is suitable to use on all surfaces.

Ukmaster Fluffy Donut Cat Bed

  • Cozy and warm donut cat bed
  • Filled with 85% PP cotton
  • Available in 2 different colours and 3 different sizes

This lovely bed from Ukmaster is really fluffy as it is made from 3cm long plush and is filled with 85% PP cotton so it is also really comfortable.

Your cat will love to snuggle up in this fluffy cat bed, with raised sides which offer a sense of security. They won’t slip if they roll around as there are non-slip silicone dots on the bottom of the bed.

The bed is available in 2 different colours so you can choose from dark grey or camel. It is also available in 3 different sizes with a diameter of 50cm, 60cm or 70cm. We really like the camel colour for something a little bit different!

This is a great bed for most pets and especially those which might need some help with anxiety.

TOHDNC Donut Cat Bed

  • Extremely soft with 4cm plush
  • Non-slip bottom
  • Available in different sizes and choice of colours

Our final recommendation is the TOHDNC Donut Cat Bed.

This bed is extremely soft and fluffy with a 4cm plush, so it is warm and comfortable as well as very smooth.

As with other donut cat beds, it supports deep sleep and better health for cats. It also has a super-soft filling for extra comfort.

The bed is non-slip with anti-slip sticky beads which means that you can place it anywhere in your home.


A donut cat bed makes a great choice for your cat, and there are plenty of options available as well as those we have included here. 

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