Banana Cat Beds

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A banana style cat bed might not be the first type of cat bed you think of when selecting somewhere for your cat to sleep. However, they are fun, comfortable and your cat will love them!

A banana cat bed will provide somewhere for your cat to hide and play as well as sleep. It will provide a talking point in your home, and there is a great range of banana cat beds available!

We have selected and reviewed our favourite banana cat beds in more detail later in this article, but if you are in a hurry then we have highlighted our favourite choices in the table below:

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Features to Look for in a Banana Cat Bed

We’re not just talking about banana beds here. You want certain things to be featured in any good cat bed such as a wicker cat bed or a luxury cat bed. And depending on your cat’s needs, there may be things you wish to avoid.

Size & Shape

Is the bed for your cat or kitten? Is your cat an average or large breed? Does your cat curl up or sprawl out while sleeping? These are the most important things to consider when deciding on the size and shape of your banana cat bed.

Banana Cat Beds essentially come in two different designs. Firsty, there is an open banana design which consists of a banana shaped bed (usually yellow) with open sides and a comfortable area for sleeping.

This bed might be more suitable for kittens or senior cats as they are easier to access. A good example of this is the ITODA Banana Bed which has short, easy access walls, looks like a real banana (including the green stem) and is soft to sleep on.

Another popular style of banana cat bed is a bed that looks more like a real banana, with the top of the bed 'peeled off' to provide a cover. The cover can be left open or used to make a fully enclosed sleeping area.

These types of banana beds are very distinctive, and as some cats like to sleep in enclosed spaces they are very well used as well.  

Another important point is to measure your cat before making a purchase and choose the bed size accordingly. Usually, beds that are 18 to 20 inches long should be suitable for most cats.

Material & Cleaning

Cats have a highly keen sense of smell. If you look closely, you may find that your cat tends to sleep on natural-fabric objects. Fabrics such as cotton, feathers, wool, and kapok are preferred over synthetic alternatives. Some synthetic fabrics may be hypoallergenic, which is also a good choice.

Don’t forget to check the care instructions to see if the bed you’ve chosen is machine-washable. Clearly, having that feature will make the cleaning quite easy. If it isn’t, hand-washing is still possible.

Most machine-washable beds can also be placed in a dryer, but it’s better to check the care instructions in case they say otherwise.

Banana Cat Bed Reviews

SMDARROY Banana Bed - Top Pick

  • Includes peel back lid
  • Soft and comfortable material
  • Available in different sizes
  • Perfect place to snooze and hide

The SMDARROY banana bed is our top pick in both design and material! It’s shaped like a hammock, and the top lid can be peeled back. As the bed is majorly enclosed, it can offer your furry friend a great sense of security and cosiness.

The bed is made of super soft plush fabric which is highly soft and comfortable. Better yet, it’s machine-washable! The bed comes in four different sizes so make sure you buy the one most suitable for your pet, the largest is suitable for cats up to 8kg.

Paris Hill Banana Cat Bed

  • Lightweight
  • Natural cotton fabric 
  • Great value

Next in line is the Paris Hill banana cat bed. This bed is shaped like a banana hammock with a peelable lid, just like the iSunday bed.

One of the things that make this bed special is the material. This banana bed is made of natural cotton. Cats with a sensitive sense of smell will appreciate the breathability of this fabric, as well as the lack of chemical odours. The fabric comes in two colours: yellow and beige. And it’s also machine-washable.

Perhaps the only downside of this bed is that it doesn’t have as many sizes or colours as the iSunday bed.

KIMKO Banana Bed

  • Made from fine plush fabric for comfort
  • Open banana shape design
  • Easy access for senior cats and kittens
  • Fluffy filled bolsters provide support

The KIMKO banana cat bed is more open than the previous picks, making it the ideal choice for hot summer months. It’s enclosed in short walls, offering easy-access for senior cats or kittens.

The bed comes is available in 3 different sizes, and is made from fine plush fabric for comfort. The fluffy filled bolsters provide support for the neck, back, hips and joints.

ITODA Banana Cat Bed

  • Natural cotton fabric
  • Detachable mattress
  • Lightweight build

The ITODA banana cat bed has a fancy, more modern design. It’s also open, and surrounded by short, easy-access walls. It’s quite lightweight, versatile, and portable!

The bed comes in two sizes: small and medium. It’s made of coral fleece and cotton blend, guaranteeing comfortable softness and impeccable breathability. Although this bed isn’t machine-washable, the mattress is detachable to facilitate hand washing.

On the downside, the sizes provided might be two teensy for large-breed cats. 

How to Get Your Cat to Use the Bed

Had trouble putting your cat to bed before? Hesitant in making a purchase now? No worries! Here are two ways to help you prove to your cat that sleeping in a bed is better than on the floor! 

Finding a Strategic Location

Does your cat tend to sleep on the couch or your bed? Try placing his new banana bed near the piece of furniture he sleeps on, or wherever he tends to take a nap.

Then, when they climb onto the furniture, pull them down into their bed. If you do this enough times, your cat will eventually opt for the banana bed right away rather than tolerating your persistence.

If your home is multi-levelled, your furry friend would greatly appreciate a bed on every floor. Cats are often lazy; their favourite hobby is sleeping!

Persuading Your Cat to Use the Bed

You spend money on a banana cat bed, with all the right features, and your cat won’t even try it? Not to worry; there are ways to mend this.

Try luring your cat into the bed by tossing his favourite toy onto the bed itself, and have him chase it! Consider placing anything he likes near the bed, such as his favourite blanket or pillow.

A little praising would do wonders! If your cat voluntarily hops onto his bed, try petting him, or offering him a treat! Cats are smart; they’ll quickly understand that you appreciate what they did.

These tactics can apply to any sort of new bed, including donut cat beds, shark cat beds and heated cat beds.


Now that you know what to look for, we hope you can find the banana bed that’s right for your furry friend!

Remember to consider your cat’s age, size, and sleeping patterns. Our top pick is the iSunday Banana Peel Cat House. Its crystal velvet lining is soft, which provides a great deal of comfort for your pet. Moreover, it’s machine-washable! 

The Paris Hill Banana Cat Bed is almost as good as iSunday’s. Made of natural cotton, this bed should be perfect for cats with sensitive noses.

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