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There are many aspects to bringing a new kitten to your home, and choosing a good kitten bed is one of them.

She will spend plenty of time there (cats can spend up to 16 hours a day sleeping), so it needs to offer comfort and safety as well as fitting in with the style of your home. 

This article will discuss the features you should consider if you want to get the best kitten bed. We will review our choices in detail later in the article, but if you are in a hurry you can use our at-a-glance table below:

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Which Bed Style Should You Get?

There are multiple bed styles available on the market, ranging from cat igloo beds, donut beds  and radiator beds through to wicker cat beds and novelty beds like banana beds or shark cat beds.

Kittens will generally feel more secure in a smaller cat bed, so size is important when choosing somewhere for your new arrival to sleep. Cat beds are usually quite inexpensive, so if you need to buy a new bed as she gets older it will not be a huge investment.

A good option for a kitten is a cat igloo bed, as this will provide them with their own private space and they can hideaway somewhere that is comfortable and warm. 

Donut beds are also a great choice as they are super-soft, very comfy and shaped like a donut so they can rest their heads on the side.

We have reviewed some of the best options below.

Features You Should Consider Before Buying a Kitten Bed

There are a couple of features that you’ll want to consider if you're going to get the best kitten bed out there. Here’s a shortlist.

Machine Washing

Anything that has to do with pets needs frequent cleaning. If you’ve been raising a cat for a long time, you’ll already know this. You don’t want to get a cat bed that’ll be a hassle to clean. That’s why you’ll want to opt for a machine-washable material. 

There’s also the fact that cats are unpredictable creatures. You can never expect what she’ll be hiding inside the bed, including birds and insects. So, throwing the whole thing in the machine to deal with is much more convenient.


It’s no surprise that cats scratch a lot. Getting them an expensive bed won’t keep them from performing their favourite hobby. That’s one reason you should make sure to get a durable bed that’ll hold out against the hits.

Materials like wool and carpet won’t shred easily; these may be nice options for a cat bed.


If your cat tends to get scared when you have strangers in the house, you’ll want to get a bed that offers her enough privacy. That way, she’ll be able to scurry off to it whenever she feels the need to.

Beds that offer privacy will mostly be cave or cove styled. There are also tent and dome beds that'll work well. However, flatbeds wouldn’t be the right choice. They’re too open for anxious cats.

Our Top 5 Picks for Kitten Beds

Here’s a shortlist of our top kitten bed picks. We included a variety of shapes and features to fit all tastes. Plus, we included different budgets so that you can find your match. 

LONTG Calming Cat Donut Bed

  • Small bed perfect for kittens
  • Super soft and comfy PP cotton padding
  • High quality materials
  • Non slip and moisture proof bottom

Our first choice is the LONTG Calming Cat Donut Bed.

This bed is made from premium plush, PP cotton padding which means that it is super soft and comfortable for your cat. They will love to rest their heads on the side or curl up for a nice sleep.

The bottom is made from Oxford cloth, so it is moisture proof and non-slip. The bed can also be washed in the machine and is ideal for kittens as it caters for cats up to 5kg.

Petface Plush Cat Igloo Bed

  • Igloo style provides privacy
  • Stylish design to fit in with your home
  • Removable and washable cushion
  • Sturdy construction

Kittens will love the privacy and warmth of a cat igloo bed, and we love this stylish design from Petface which will look great in your home.

This bed is ideal for kittens, as it is quite small at 40 x 40 x 35cm. It is a great place for them to curl up for a morning, afternoon or overnight sleep.

The bed has a sturdy construction, and it is also easy to clean with a removable and washable cushion.

Rosewood Cat Igloo Bed

  • Cute teddy bear design
  • Made from super soft grey plush material
  • Enclosed sleeping area for privacy
  • Washable cushion

A great alternative to the Petface Igloo bed is this cute teddy bear style igloo bed by Rosewood.

It is made from super soft grey plush material for comfort, and your kitten will love to curl up in the warm and cosy sleeping area.

This bed measures 38 x 38 x 40cm, so it is a great size for kittens and it also includes a removable and washable cushion.

X Shelley Yellow Kitten Banana Bed

  • Fun banana design
  • Super cosy cushioning
  • Provides sense of security

Imagine having your kitten sleeping in a banana bed? That’d be an adorably funny picture to share with your family!

The cute shape doesn’t mean the banana bed lacks functionality; it’s actually one of the most convenient options on our list. The cave-esque sleeping room provides comfort for your cat, and the high walls are made of plush for extra warmth. On top of that, the banana peel folds back to give your kitten the freedom of choice.

When folded in, the peel secures the bed with a Velcro strap, creating a cocoon for your cat to sleep in. There will still be air circulation when it’s closed, so you don’t have to worry. And for extra comfort, the whole bed is cushiony on the inside, including the walls.

The bed’s structure is ideal for cats who are normally attracted to cardboard boxes. The closure is similar to that of a box, which some cats prefer over regular beds.

Trixie Pet Products Cat Tower

  • Multiple uses
  • Small floor space
  • The interiors are safe for washing machines

If you don’t have much space in your house for a cat’s accessories, you’ll love this tower from Trixie. It’s a bed, scratching tower, and a hammock, all in one! It also comes with hung play balls for fun. So, you can consider it a toy too. Despite all that, it doesn’t require large floor space. You can also fold it down and store it when you want it out of your way.

The tower’s base consists of a cave-style bed for your kitten. It has a triangular design with a velvety interior for comfort. It’s also cushioned to provide warmth on cold days. Fortunately, the cushioning can be removed for cleaning, and it’s safe for washing machines.

As for the scratching post, it’ll distract your cat from shredding your furniture, which is a bonus!


Choosing a good bed is an important decision when bringing a kitten into your home. 

However, with so many great options you should be able to find a bed that your kitten finds warm, comfortable and safe. We like the LONTG Donut Cat Bed, but any of the beds that we have reviewed above would be a great option.

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