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Like all living beings, a good night’s sleep is essential to the overall well-being of your pet cat. It helps with the cat’s temperament and enhances the feeling of being at home. Therefore, giving your cat a good bed is probably the best gift you can give.

In this article, we’ll review the best cat igloo beds, and help you choose the right one. So no more snuggling under the sofa for our little furry friend!

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Why Will Your Cat Love an Igloo Bed? 

We all know how cats love luxurious things. They like to snuggle into beds, sofas, and everywhere that provides privacy and warmth. Igloo beds are designed just for that, except that only the cat gets to use it. 

Moreover, Igloo beds are free of any tough materials such as plastic or wood or metal structures. They’re only made of soft materials, and some are even made of organic plant or wool. 

Igloo beds bring together all things that cats love, and they do so in style. The concept of the “igloo” allows for different and creative designs. 

Open spaces make cats feel insecure. They need a place to hide and sneak into. Also, with several naps throughout the day, they should have their own private space.

How to Choose the Best Cat Igloo Bed

Before you make your purchase, there are some things to consider. In this section, we’ll tell you what’s important to consider and why.


While they’re all soft, every igloo bed is cushioned differently. So before you decide on a bed, make sure that the material inside is comfortable and won’t be itchy for your cat. Some cats are allergic to specific material, so make sure to stay away from that.


For your cat to be comfortable and relaxed inside the bed, it has to be a little larger than the cat. Check out the bed’s dimensions and measure your cat to ensure that you’ll buy the right bed. A cat igloo bed often makes a good choice for a kitten bed due to their generally smaller size.


Just like any other product, igloo beds vary in prices and in features. The more features and cushioning there is, the more you’ll pay. 

For example, an igloo bed with a double-base layer of cushioning will definitely cost you more. 

The price also depends on the size of the bed and the accessories included.

Before you buy, think about whether you’ll travel much? Is your pet going to grow more? Is your cat a senior and needs additional cushioning?

Cat Igloo Bed Reviews

These new fancy beds cocoon your pet from all sides. Sometimes they’re even called cave beds. Varying in material, size, and brands, we’ll break down the main features of each product.

Cat Bed Ancol Sleepy Paws Pyramid

  • Easy to clean
  • Comfortable and elegant
  • Affordable

When you first see this super comfy igloo, you’ll probably think you want one for yourself. 

This igloo, with its classic pyramid shape, stands out because of its numerous comfy layers.

The outside of the bed is made of faux-suede to give the soft touch. On the inside, there’s a removable pad with a luxurious plush side.

The manufacturing material is comfortable and durable. 

To match different setups and room decoration, the bed is available in a wide variety of colours that you can choose from. It’s available in both solid colours and patterns. 

Despite the cushioning and the warm look, the bed is adaptable to summer as well. The interior padding can be removed to allow for more space and air inside the bed. 

Banbury & Co Cosy Cat Bed

  • Elegant design
  • Not very dark inside
  • Easy to clean

Coming from the reputable manufacturer Banbury & Co, this igloo bed provides the perfect balance between warmth and adequate lighting. This is achieved by making the only open side of the igloo wider. 

The design of this bed reflects the elegance of the brand. With its minimal design and two light colors, this igloo bed will surely blend into the surrounding space and furniture. 

This bed also does an excellent job with comfort. There’s a layer of faux shearling on the inside that provides maximum warmth. 

The bed also has a removable cushion on the inside. It’s washable and you can reverse it to change the color. 

Mixing comfort with fun, the igloo comes with a round hanging toy to keep your pet entertained while cocooning in their little home. The internal cushioning of the bed makes it optimal for colder weather. It’s cozy, comfortable, and fits in with most decor.

The only drawbacks are that there is no colour variety and it is a bit pricier than some other options. It is also less suitable for larger pets.  

Bedsure Pet Tent Cave Bed

  • Sturdy
  • Includes removable cushion pillow
  • Non slip bottom

The look of this bed immediately gives out the feeling of sturdiness and comfort. 

The most significant feature of that bed is how the manufacturer has paid attention to the minute details while making the product.

The fine stitching, the leather loop handle and the little leather branding label are examples of how much attention was paid to this bed.

The exterior is made of richly textured faux-linen material which gives the bed a stylish and sophisticated look.

The bed also comes with a removable cushion pillow, which can be used inside or when the bed is folded. 

Another distinct detail is the non-skid bottom, which prevents the bed from slipping and moving around.  

The bed comes in several stylish colours that serve as an interesting piece of decoration in your room. 

VERTAST Cat Cosy Bed Pets Igloo

  • Small round window entrance
  • Fluffy and warm
  • Includes large washable pillow

Our spoiled pets adore plush and fluffy surfaces. They’re at their happiest when they find a comfy and smooth spot to rest in. This cat igloo bed offers just that. 

While being lightweight, this bed is adequately stuffed and cushioned to provide your cat with maximum warmth. The design of the igloo is different from other products on this list because it’s extra enclosed.

There’s only a round window from which your cat can walk in or out. This provides more darkness and quietness for your cat when it’s sleep time. 

The manufacturers employ the vacuum packaging method. It protects the bed from damage during delivery and reduces delivery costs. That being said, don’t freak out when you find the bed flimsy. It’ll pop back, just like in pictures, after a couple of days. 

Another feature of this bed is that its upper part can be folded for the cat to sit on without a cover. Moreover, the bed comes with a large washable pillow to be used by the cat, both inside or outside the bed.

This bed is the closest a bed can be to an igloo. It provides optimal space, warmth, and allows your pet experience unmatched privacy.

Windracing Cat Bed for Indoor Cats

  • Arched entrance
  • Stylish design
  • Comfy foam interior
  • Available in 3 different sizes

Last, but by no means least on our list is the Windracing Cat Bed for Indoor Cats.

This bed is available in 3 different size, and features an arched entrance for more headroom when the cat is entering the bed.

The outer is constructed of a 100% microfiber material, and the interior is made from 100% foam providing a very comfy place for your cat to snuggle up, rest and sleep.

We think this bed is very nicely designed, so it will fit in nicely with most home interiors. It also includes non-slip material on the base so it won't slide around.

The Final Verdict 

Getting your cat an igloo bed will give them extra comfort and warmth while enjoying their own freedom. It is a great way for them to enjoy a little bit of luxury in your home.

We think that the Cat Bed Ancol Sleepy Paws Pyramid is our favourite pick. The elegant design and the proper cushioning makes it a convenient choice for most.

If your cat is a toy lover, we suggest that you opt for the Banbury & Co Cosy Cat Bed. It comes with a hanging toy and has a simple look at the same time.

Regardless of which bed you’ll choose, the goal is to have a bed that your pet enjoys and becomes a lovely addition to your apartment’s décor. You could also try a shark cat bed or a banana cat bed for something a little bit different!

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