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Tired of all your cat’s hair sticking up to your clothes and furniture? Well, who doesn’t?

However, having a proper grooming routine for your cat can fix that issue. Getting the best cat brush can do wonders to this routine! 

We all know how cats have a life mission to lick their fur all day. However, many cats have issues with over or under-grooming such as the case with having flea infestations or dental problems, for example. 

So, it’s certainly useful to give a hand to your cats and groom their fur from time to time. Today, we’ll tell you how to pick the best hairbrush for your cat.

We have provided some detailed reviews later in this article, but if you are in a hurry you can check this easy to use table.

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What Makes a Good Cat Hair Brush?

Any cat brush will do the job, yet only a few will be convenient for your cat according to its size, fur, and habits. Some cats purr when they get their fur swept, while others start scratching.

Tag along to find out the criteria that guarantee you pick the right brush for your cat.


The flexibility of the brush’s teeth is the most important factor to keep in mind. According to the texture of your cat’s hair, you can decide which kind of teeth and whether rigid or smooth would be better for your cat.

Using a brush with smooth plastic or rubber teeth can free you from worrying about accidentally hurting your cat while grooming. This is especially useful for cats with sleek hair such as American shorthair and Siamese cats.

On the other side, if your cat’s hair tangles a lot, you’d be better off with a metal or bristle comb. That way you can help spread the natural oils across your cat’s skin without taking forever in the process.

Teeth Length

Long teeth or short teeth? If your answer would differ according to the cat’s hair length, then that’s right! 

The owners of cats with long and medium hair would prefer a long-toothed brush, as It’s great for detangling and preventing the fur from getting all matted.  

Brushes with shorter teeth would be perfect for cats with little fur in both length and density. They’re also helpful for making the hair shinier by getting rid of the smaller tangles.

Interspace Between Brush’s Teeth

We’re all familiar with brushers getting clogged with hair. It’s pretty much the same with cat brushes too. Narrow-toothed brushes can be awkward to use especially for your thick coat cat. A narrow-toothed brush is a plus only for thin coats, where they can also act as dirt removers.

Length of Your Cats Hair

We know that different cats have different lengths of hair, so the brush that you pick will be dependent on this. The best brush for cats with long hair will be different to the best brush for cats with short hair. Although some brushes (such as the KW Smart Slicker below) cater well for both - there are some specialist brushes for different lengths of fur.

Best Cat Hair Brushes – Our Top 5 Picks

It can get overwhelming to choose which hairbrush to buy for your cat. No worries - We’ve got you. Here are our picks and reviews for the best brushes for your cat.

KW Smart Slicker Brush - Best Overall

  • Metal soft wires
  • Easy to clean
  • Flexible and small

Slicker brushes are the best choice for almost all types of cats. They have a curved plane and wires for teeth. The wires are soft and bendy, so they go in the direction of hair growth smoothly. The brush itself is small and handy.

Not only does it prevent matting, but a slicker brush will also remove dirt and dead hair. Although the brush gets full of hair pretty quickly, you can easily remove all accumulated hair by hand.

If we’re to give you any heads-up about this product, it’d be that you be careful to use it gently. Although it isn’t scratchy in normal cases and cats love it, the metal wires don’t have those epoxy ball-tips that make it smoothly glide through hair.

It is suitable for all hair types.

FURminator Dual Grooming Brush - Best for Hair Care

  • Double-sided: pins for the deep tangles and bristles for the upper
  • Rounded pins for soft delicate skin
  • Bristle side used for beautifying the coat

FURminator’s dual-sided brush is perfect for cats with different hair types. It has two sides that have different purposes. The rounded pins are for sweeping the hair and getting rid of all loose unwanted undercoat. 

The other side, the bristle side, is used to remove dust and superficial loose hair. It functions amazingly with short-haired cats that don’t need extensive brushing. It can also be used for collecting cat hair off clothes and furniture.

Suitable for

  • All types of hair
  • Bristle side for short-haired cats

Ancol Ergo Moulting Comb - Best Brush for Long Hair Cats

  • Steel pins with a rubber handle
  • Easy to use
  • Detangles knots and detects fleas

While moulting combs work great for most hair types, it’s particularly ideal for long-haired cats. It has two different lengths; long pins for fur detangling and shorter ones to capture the loose hair.

The pins are close together so they capture a lot more hair and detect any nits. The pins are made of steel and the handle is rubber. It’s designed for an easy grooming experience and the cats love it!

On the downside, the pins are somewhat wide for tiny tangles. Also, the steel pins are sometimes too hard for cats with sensitive skin or short hair.

Suitable for

  • Long-haired cats
  • Heavy and thick coats

Mars Boar Bristle Brush - Best Brush for Short Hair Cats

  • Natural boar soft bristle
  • Healthy oils distribution
  • Adds a finishing look for longer-haired cats

This brush is particularly made for short and fine-haired cats. The natural boar bristle is very soft for delicate picky cats. Your cats will love the comfy sensation this brush adds. The brush itself is made from an old-fashioned birch wood handle with nutwood varnishing. 

As for efficiency, Mars Boar’s Bristle Brush easily removes loose and dead hair as well as distributes the natural oils to maintain the silky hair. This brush can also be used for providing a  finishing touch to longer-haired cats. 

This brush might be too soft for some cats to actually prevent matting. If your cat has coarse hair, you may as well use your fingers to extract dead hair because the bristle brush wouldn’t be at all useful in this case. 

Suitable for

  • Short-haired sensitive cats
  • Fine silky hair

BYETOO Pet Grooming Gloves

  • Flexible rubber teeth
  • Adjustable wrist strap
  • Skin-friendly

Byetoo’s pet grooming gloves is a multi-purpose tool that fits nicely with cats of all hair types. It’s a modern way of removing excess hair and dust without being troublesome for the cat. Even the stubbornest of cats purr when they feel the rubber gloves petting them. 

When we say multi-purpose, it’s for a reason. The gloves can also be used to clean furniture from pets’ hair and as bathing gloves for your cat. The grooming gloves are skin-friendly, which means that they don’t contain any skin-damaging materials. 

Suitable for

  • All types of coats
  • Cats which hate traditional brushing


Getting a brush for grooming your cat is a no-brainer. Before buying a specific product, keep in mind what the texture and length of your cat’s hair are like. Having insights about how sensitive your cat is to stuff touching its skin will be very useful.

If your cat has particularly long or short hair, you’d rather use a Moulting Comb or Bristle Brush, respectively. The double-sided brush is great for detangling the hair and then softening the hair.

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