Catit Water Fountain Review

Most cats don’t drink enough water, and the Catit Water Fountain represents a practical solution to increase the water intake of your pet. 

Cat water fountains have been around for some time, but you need to make sure that you’re picking a good one that would provide a fresh water supply to keep your kitty in perfect health. Keep on reading our honest Catit Water Fountain review to learn more about this cool device. 

What is the Catit Water Fountain?

This is a water flow system that provides your cat with the needed hydration. When your cat doesn’t drink enough water, it will be subject to kidney problems and the formation of crystals that cause pain and discomfort. This water fountain is designed to tempt even the pickiest drinkers to drink enough water, so your cat will always stay healthy and happy. 

When you buy this water fountain, you’ll receive the base with the water bowl, an electric pump, and the flower that you can attach on top. There’s an option to choose between three different flow systems, so you can adjust this device based on the number of pets you have, and their age. 

Features of the Catit Water Fountain 

There are several flow systems and water fountains on the market. However, the Catit Water Fountain is considered to be one of the best, thanks to its unique features. 

Lightweight and Big Capacity

This water fountain is lightweight and easy to assemble, weighing about 600 grams. Nevertheless, it has a capacity of 3 litres, so it should last your cat for a long time as cats usually drink 50 ml of water per kilogram of weight. You can tell how much water is left by checking out the view window.

If you’re a busy parent or tend to work for long hours, this will be an excellent feature as you don’t have to refill the fountain every day. The water stays fresh, so even a picky cat will be encouraged to drink, so it can stay hydrated and healthy. 

Easy Assembly

Putting this water fountain together will never be a problem. All the pieces snap together, and you don’t need any extra tools before it’s ready for use. The fountain is made of BPA-free plastic, and the design prevents the whiskers from getting in touch with the water. 

The fountain is well-built and can’t be disassembled even by aggressive cats. It features a smooth open surface, so your cat will easily spot the flower, and it will know where to head in order to drink some water.  

Three Different Settings

With or without the flower, you can adjust the flow of water. This means that multiple pets can use your fountain in the house as you can adjust the amount of water dispensed. By increasing the water flow, you can guarantee that the hydration needs of multiple cats will be covered. This will protect your pets from urinary tract infections that can be fatal. 

Depending on your preference, you can customize the water fountain to create free-falling streams, calm streams, or gentle bubbles. 

Triple-Action Filter

Guaranteeing a clean water supply for your kitty will never be a problem. The water fountain features a triple-action filter that removes magnesium and calcium from tap water. Although these are good minerals in general, they can cause kidney problems in cats. Cats have different needs, and the minerals that are useful for humans can cause a lot of problems for them. 

At the same time, the triple-action filter traps the bacteria, dirt, and hair that can get into the water. As a result, the water supply will stay clean for as long as there’s enough water for your pets. 

When you’re away from home or don’t have time to change the water, you’ll know that your cats will have access to clean and filtered water. The pump will only push the clean water to the surface while keeping all the dirty water at the bottom. 

The filter needs to be cleaned every week or 2 weeks to make sure that your cat will always have access to clean water. It traps everything that can get into the water, and this means that regular cleaning is crucial. All you have to do is to wipe the filter and use a brush to remove the hair and debris. 

You can also have it replaced because the fountain is compatible with other filters that you can easily buy. However, it can last for months before you need to buy a new filter. 

Energy-Efficient Electric Pump

Using a USB cable, this fountain features a practical electric pump that pushes the clean water to the top. It’s not noisy and doesn’t cost much, with an expected cost of 2p per day. 

The pump pushes oxygenated water to the surface of the bowl. It tastes fresher, so cats will be tempted to drink more. The pump produces a low humming sound, so it won’t disturb your cat or people in the house. 

The Pros and Cons of the Catit Water Fountain

This water fountain has a lot of benefits that make it incredibly popular. Nevertheless, it has some limitations that you need to take into consideration. 


  • The fountain is easy to assemble.
  • Water viewing window.
  • Three water flowing systems to suit multiple pets.
  • Triple-action filter that purifies water and traps hair, debris, and all the other objects that might get into the water.
  • Energy-efficient electric pump.
  • Low-noise operation. 


  • The water fountain isn’t that sturdy. 
  • The filtration system needs regular cleaning. 


Although there are several water fountain systems on the market, including the Cat Mate Pet Fountain and the Miau Store Ceramic Fountain, the Catit Water Fountain is extremely popular for a reason. It’s quite easy to put together and can be adjusted into three different settings to suit the needs of multiple pets. 

With a triple-action filter, you know that your cat will only have access to clean and healthy water. You don’t have to worry about filling this fountain because the 3-litre capacity will last for a long time. 

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  1. I’ve seen this before, of course. I’ve been dithering around about getting my cats a fountain. I will get one, eventually. I have a hard time because I can’t decide which one to get. I want to make the best choice. I get frustrated, and then give it up. Then, I try, again. Here, I am. Trying, again. So, one of the problems is price. I prefer ceramic, but they are a bit high. This price is right, but, on to my second problem. How it looks. I haven’t bought this, even though it has a high rating, everywhere, and I won’t be buying it, because, frankly, this is ugly as sin. Tacky. I loathe the flower, and the green color, on the base. This will be sitting in my kitchen, very visible to everyone. I mean, really? I’d just be hyper aware of it, end up shooting hateful glances at it, all day. I’d be mad that I caved in, and bought the thing. Eventually, I’d stop using it. Then, I’d be really mad, because I will have wasted money on it. See what happens? Hence, no fountain. It could be made easier, if all of them weren’t so crappy looking. Why is it that these type, that work well, and are less expensive, can’t be more stylish? But then, some of the ceramic fountains, while attractive, are expensive as all get out, don’t have filters, and some are way smaller than they first appear. Tiny in fact. Not, at all, what was wanted. You know, recirculating pumps can be bought at any home improvement store. A fountain, can be made out of really anything that has room for the pump, and holds water. Like a flower pot, a large one, then another, smaller one, turned upside down, over the pump. The water bubbles up, through the drain hole of the smaller pot. Now, something to catch the water in, for a waterfall, and for the cats to drink from, hmmm. I daresay, I’ll think of something, while I dither. I’ll bet it won’t have a tacky, yellow plastic flower on it, though. Or cost $60 USD, to make either. It will be a pain in the neck, however. Now, see. I’m frustrated, again. No fountain, today.


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