Cat Mate Water Fountain Review

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It is very important to provide a source of fresh, running water for your cat as we discussed in our reviews of the best cat water fountains.

One of our recommended fountains is the Pet Mate Cat Mate Water Fountain, and a useful summary of the fountain is provided below:

Features of the Pet Mate Cat Mate Water Fountain

Multiple Drinking Levels

One of the main features of the Cat Mate Water Fountain is that it includes several different drinking levels.

Water is pumped from the main pool at the bottom of the fountain through the body of the fountain and then flows through the middle pool and down the water ramp where it rejoins the main pool.

This means that your cat has the choice of pools, and we find that most cats will prefer to drink either from the main pool or from the middle pool. 

The middle pool is usually the favourite as this means they don’t have to bend their heads as far and their whiskers don’t get in the way as much.

You may also notice your cat drinking from the water that flows between the levels and this is because they like to drink flowing water. 

It is much tastier than stagnant pools of water that may have been left on the kitchen floor for a few days. It also explains why you will often see your cat drinking from a dripping tap if given the opportunity!

Cartridges and Filters

The Cat Mate Water Fountain uses replaceable cartridges to filter the water and to keep it fresh and clear.

As the water is pumped around the fountain, the cartridge works to remove odours from the water, maintaining a fresh supply.

It is recommended that the cartridge is replaced on a monthly basis, and these are available to purchase when you buy the fountain. It is an easy job to replace the filter as it slides nicely into position.

The cost of the cartridges should be considered when you are choosing between water fountains. Although the Cat Mate fountain is very good value, the cartridges are a continued cost which will make fountains without a filter such as the Miaustore Fountain much cheaper in the long run.

To keep your fountain in good condition, it is also recommended to clean the pump every few weeks to prevent limescale build up. You can also wash the bowl in the dishwasher as this area of the fountain can attract cat hairs and some dirt.

Adjustable Flow

The flow of water through the Pet Mate Cat Mate Water Fountain can easily be adjusted to how your cat prefers it.

This can prevent water splashing into the pool, and it is recommended to have the power on a relatively gentle flow.

Quiet and inexpensive

One of the main benefits of the Cat Mate Water Fountain is that it is very quiet when in operation. This is because the main pump is isolated which keeps the volume down.

This means that the therapeutic sound of running water is not drowned out by the filter, and it is also quiet enough for your cat to be comfortable using it.

It is also inexpensive to run with little noticeable difference to the electricity bill.

Other features

The Cat Mate Water Fountain is very easy to use - simply fill the main pool up to the maximum mark, switch it on and you are away.

It has a 2 litre volume capacity, which means it is suitable for up to 3 cats and it also features a 3 metre power lead so it is versatile and can be placed in several different locations in the home.

Although this is not as large as the Catit Water Fountain, which has a 3 litre capacity, it will still provide water for your cat for some time.

A final feature to note is that the fountain comes with a generous 3 year warranty, so this will give you peace of mind that you are covered in case of a problem with the pump.


The Pet Mate Cat Mate Water Fountain is one of the best cat water fountains available. 

It will help your cat to stay healthy and hydrated, and although the ongoing cost of the cartridges should be considered when buying the fountain it still represents excellent value.

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