Cat Mate c3000 Automatic Dry Food Feeder Review

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Ensuring your cat has a healthy diet is one of the most important aspects of being a pet owner. 

As much as we would love to be able to be on hand to feed our cat for every meal, sometimes this isn't possible, and this is where a good quality automatic cat feeder comes in handy.

The Cat Mate c3000 Automatic Dry Food Feeder is one of the leading models of automatic feeders available, so we have produced this detailed review to help you decide if you should invest in one.

This article includes a detailed review, but this at a glance guide will show the main features

Cat Mate c3000 Dry Food Feeder Overview

The Cat Mate c3000 dispenser aims to make sure your pet gets appropriate nutrition with the right food allowance, all without human mentoring. It features various modes you can adjust according to your cat’s eating times. 

The dispenser can only dispense food up to three times daily, which should be sufficient for healthy cats. On top of that, your cat can manually eat from it whenever she wants.

The c3000 has a capacity of 6.5 pounds of dry food; you won’t have to fill it as frequently as you’d do with similar options. It dispenses food in 10-gram and higher portions.

The Cat Mate c3000 only caters for dry food, so if your cat prefers wet cat food then check out our recommendations for the best automatic cat feeders for wet cat food.

The 3 Essential Features of the Cat Mate c3000

Here’s a detailed list of the c3000’s features.


The c3000 can dish out dry food in portions of two teaspoons, which is ideal for younger cats. It equals to 10 grams, approximately. It’s not clear how much food one meal has, but users who tried it mentioned it’s around two cups.

You can program the dispenser for three meals per day. 

Kibbles Size

If you’re getting a food dispenser, you ought to know the size of kibbles it can hold. As for the c3000, it can carry large kibbles, up to 1.2-cm in diameter. Not many feeders on the market can accommodate large kibbles, giving the c3000 a superiority in the market.


The c3000 has plenty of mode settings you can control. There’s the extra feed mode, which allows you to add a daily meal. Moreover, there’s a manual feed form that feeds your cat by demand. This feature will work for you if your cat doesn’t eat constant amounts daily.

The advance feed mode will allow you to bring the cat’s meals forward, but you can only do this in one feeding.

Lastly, there’s the frequent feed mode, which allows more feedings in smaller portions. You won’t need this feature much, except if your cat has special dietary needs, but it’s good to have the option.

The Top 3 Features of c3000

Along with basic features, the c3000 has some features that distinguish it from similar options in the market. Here’s a brief list.

Detachable Components

Cat feeders’ components are usually challenging to clean, especially that you need to do it frequently. Cat food doesn’t leave a pleasant smell behind.

The good news is, the c3000’s components are fully detachable, including the bowl. You can uninstall it in an instant and throw it in the dishwasher.

Manual Feeding

The manual override button is one of my favourite features on the c3000. You’d think all cat feeders come with it, as they should, but it’s actually quite the opposite.

The button allows you to manually feed your cat when it’s not the time for a meal. So, when your cat feels hungry all of a sudden, you can feed her by a press of a button. You’ll also be able to add a meal to the daily three, thanks to the extra feed mode setting.

Easy Programming

A lot of cat feeders are challenging to program. They’ll have you scratching your head and rapidly turning the manual’s pages, trying to find an answer. Luckily for you, the c3000’s programming is a piece of cake.

The user interface is pretty friendly; you only have to press a few buttons for customizing. You’ll likely figure them out on your own without the need for a manual.

Pros & Cons at a Glance

Here’s a brief list of the product’s pros and cons.


  • Cost-effective
  • Multiple feeding modes available
  • Suitable for diabetic cats (see our article on best diabetic cat food)
  • Customizable schedules 
  • Dishwasher-safe components
  • Manual feeding option available


  • The chute is easy for the cat to steal from
  • Batteries aren’t included in the purchase

The Bottom Line

The Cat Mate c3000 dispenser is a reliable gadget for your cat. Its multiple mode settings will make your feeding mission much easier. Plus, the manual feeding option is a bonus.

The dispenser may be considered expensive by some people, but that’s only because of its high-quality structure and materials. It’s also multi-functional with a high capacity which makes it a great choice for a feeder.

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