Dinner Time

Mealtimes are just as important for your cat as they are for their owners, as quality food can keep your cat healthy and extend their lifespan.

It is also important to make sure that your cat is well hydrated, so we have reviewed recommend cat food (both wet and dry) as well as a range of cat water fountains. 

Best Wet Cat Food

Wet cat food is high in protein and it is also easy to digest for your cat.

A great range of flavours are available so make sure they have a varied diet.

Our choice: Whiskas Wet Food Pouches in Jelly

Best Dry Cat Food

Dry Cat Food is very convenient and can provide all the nutrition your cat needs.

There is a huge choice of foods available and dry cat food also usually provides great value.

Our choice: Purina ONE Adult Cat Food Chicken & Wholegrains

Best Kitten Food

Kittens have different nutritional requirements to older cats, so it is important to find the best food for them.

They need food high in protein and high in calories as they burn lots of energy!

Our choice: Lily's Kitchen Kitten Chicken Dinner Complete Wet Cat Food

Best Cat Water Fountain

Does your cat drink enough water?

A cat water fountain is a great way to keep your cat hydrated as cats much prefer to drink running water than from a bowl.

Our choice: PetMate Cat Mate Drinking Water Fountain

Catit Water Fountain Review

The Catit Water Fountain has an attractive flower design so it will look great in your home.

It will help to keep your cat hydrated, which is very important for their health.

Catit Water Fountain

Cat Mate Water Fountain Review

The Cat Mate Water Fountain has multiple levels linked by a water ramp.

This means your cat has a choice of pools or to drink from free flowing water.

Cat Mate Water Fountain

MiauStore Cat Water Fountain Review

This high quality ceramic water fountain makes a great option to keep your cat hydrated.

It offers multiple drinking areas and fresh running water. It also doesn't need any filters so is very cheap to maintain.

MiauStore Cat Water Fountain

Maui Store Cat Fountain Review

Best Automatic Cat Feeder

An automatic cat feeder is a great way to feed your cat and make sure they eat the correct amount.

They are especially useful to keep your cat well fed when you are not around.

Our choice: Cat Mate C3000 Dry Food Feeder

Best Automatic Cat Feeder for Wet Food

Although most cat feeders are set up for dry food, there are some great models that can schedule wet food for your cat.

Make sure it is easy to clean and easy to use.

Our choice: Cat Mate C500 Automatic Pet Feeder

Cat Mate c3000 Automatic Pet Feeder

This is one of the leading models of automatic cat feeders available.

It can dispense food three times daily and caters for cats who eat dry food.

Cat Mate c3000 Automatic Pet Feeder

Best Diabetic Cat Food

If your cat is diabetic, then it is very important they have the correct diet.

Good quality diabetic cat foods are very low in carbohydrates but high in protein to boost muscle mass.

Our choice: Royal Canin Diabetic Cat Food

Applaws Cat Food Review

Applaws specialise in producing natural and high quality food for a nutritious diet.

They offer a range of foods including both wet and dry food options.

Our choice: Applaws Complete Natural and Grain Free Dry Cat Food

Grain Free Cat Food

Grain Free Cat Food is a good option if your cat is sensitive to cereal grains.

There are some excellent options which are high in protein and flavour.

Our choice: Applaws Wet Cat Food for Senior Adult Cats

Hypoallergenic Cat Food

Hypoallergenic cat food can help your cat if they have food allergies.

A good hypoallergenic cat food will have a limited number of ingredients and be minimally processed.

Our choice: Pro Plan Veterinary Diets Hypoallergenic Dry Cat Food

Crave Cat Food Review

Crave Cat Food has a high meat content which means it is high in protein and flavour.

Choose from tasty options for both wet and dry cat food.

Our choice: Crave Dry Cat Food with Chicken and Turkey

Lily's Kitchen Cat Food Review

Lily's Kitchen Cat Food is produced using high quality, natural ingredients. 

Their range includes great options for both wet and dry cat food.

Our choice: Lily's Kitchen Complete Chicken Casserole Dry Food