Petporte Smart Cat Flap review

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As much as your little furry friend feels safer and happier at home, he still loves discovering what’s going on around him. He’d want to wander outside and explore the surroundings.

A traditional flap door might do the trick and allow him to stroll in and out without needing any help. Yet, a smart cat flap is one of the best cats’ gadgets for so many reasons.

So, let’s preview why the Petporte smart cat flap is a well-designed invention. And how it can make life easier for both the user and his little friend.   

What Makes Petporte Smart Cat Flap Unique?   

The Petporte Smart Cat Flap has an advanced access system. It's compatible with a microchip implanted in the user’s cat or attached to his collar. It guarantees safe access for the cat, as the smart system only opens for him.

It also locks the door behind him as soon as he gets inside. So, the user won’t have to worry about stray cats causing him troubles. Or any uninvited little guests, who might sneak in the house looking for food or shelter.

Furthermore, the device gives lots of other access control options, such as locking the cat in at night, if the user thinks it's unsafe to be outside.   

General features   

The device only allows access to the programmed microchips. But the good news is that it enables the user to give access to a total of 40 microchips. This is an excellent option if the user owns many kitties that love wandering around in different timings.   

Fortunately, in case the cat doesn’t have a microchip installed, it can be replaced with a programmable collar key that’s sold separately.

It’s versatile in the options of lock and access control. The user can program the microchip and adjust the settings effortlessly.

The flap door is large enough to allow access to cats up to 7 KG. The device dimensions are 9.3” H x 8.4” W. And the inner flap door’s dimensions are 5.9” H x 5.5” W.

This makes it suitable for almost all domestic cat types. And it’s available in white and brown colours, to match nearly all door styles.

There’re many improvements made in this smart cat flap model. It’s way better than the previous one in many details. For instance, the response time between access and flap decreased to less than a second.  

Unique Features

The smart cat flap design provides comfortable solutions for the user and his companion. Here are the best features found in the device.

Versatile Lock Options  

The Petporte features a 4-way lock, enabling the user to easily control and shift different lock options. The four different lock modes allow the user to control the cat’s access at specific timings.

The device settings can be adjusted to “Only enter” or “The only exit,” plus the “lock” and “unlock” settings to secure the cat’s movement according to his needs.

Additionally, the device has got the “night mode” option. It’s sensitive to lights and will start working as soon as the lights start to dim outside.

This particular feature is a great help when the owner isn’t around but needs to lock the cats in.

Instant Installation and Set up   

The installation of the device is a pretty much simple process. The manual clearly explains every step. And it comes along with a guide to the device controls.

Besides the manual, the package includes a cutting template. The template is really helpful, as it allows the user to cut precisely through the door.

The package contains all the hardware needed to install the device. Similarly, adjusting device settings is extremely easy. The user only has to press the green button and place the back of the cat through the flap door to identify the cat’s microchip number in the device.   

Energy Saver   

The device is energy-efficient and durable in harsh weather conditions. It contains two magnetic lock points. They stop dust and dirt from entering the house.

It has a hybrid power system, which means that it can run on both batteries and AC adaptor. It’s recommended to keep the batteries inside, just in case of a power cutoff emergency while the cat is outside.

Plus, this option increases the lifetime of the power cords. As they won’t have to be plugged all the time. 

It takes four AA batteries that last for several months if it’s used by one or two cats. Also, it has got a battery indicator to warn the user if the battery level is low.

A Quick Look

Here’s a quick recap of the benefits and downsides of the Petporte Smart Cat Flap. 


  • Super-fast set up and assembly  
  • Comes with installation template  
  • Works on Both Ac adapter and/or AA batteries
  • Various lock options
  • Suitable for chubby cats  
  • Durable
  • Elegant and smart design  


  • Might not be compatible with the cat’s already implanted microchip
  • Might require additional accessories for installing in glass, metal, or bricks

What Do I Need to Know Before Buying?  

Before purchasing this device, the user needs to make sure the cat's microchip is compatible with the device. There are two ways to make sure of that. First, by entering the cat's microchip number in the chip checker on the company's website.

If this isn’t quite possible, then the user can always call the customer service number. They’ll definitely provide any needed information right away.

Finally, the user will also need to make sure the size of the Petporte is suitable for the cat. By comparing the cat’s size to the dimensions of the flap door.

The website has got a great FAQ section, which pretty much covers most of the common inquiries for the device installation and setup.

Final Thoughts

Petporte smart cat flap is a must-have for all cat owners out there. The device allows the cat to become independent, yet totally secured and safe.

The smart cat flap’s price is pretty affordable, considering how much relief it brings for the owner and his little buddy. 

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