MiauStore Cat Water Fountain Review

Cat Fountain

Quality Ceramic Cat Water FountainSeveral different drinking areasEasy to set upNo filter required Buy Now Does your cat drink enough water?To be honest this is not something we considered very hard until we came across the Miau Store Cat Fountain. After all, we left out a bowl of water for our cat next to her … Read more

Difference between a tortoiseshell cat and a calico

What is the difference between a Tortoiseshell cat and a calico

This is a common question among tortoiseshell cat owners. A classic tortoiseshell cat will have a mainly black coat, with patches and flecks of orange and white mixed in a brindled type pattern. This pattern creates a lovely coat that really makes tortoiseshell cats stand out and look very beautiful! The brindled pattern tends to develop … Read more

How long do tortoiseshell cats live

How long do Tortoiseshell cats live

This is a common question, especially among people that have not enjoyed owning a cat before, and there are many variables involved that will determine how long your tortoiseshell cat will live. The average length of a cat’s life is around 15 years, but there are a number of factors in play that determine whether she … Read more

Tortoiseshell cat folklore

Tortoiseshell Cat Folklore

Tortoiseshell cats make more than good pets, they have a very rich history and a place in folklore in many different cultures. Although we know that the beautiful tortoiseshell pattern comes from the result of a complex genetical pattern that is only found in female cats, the Khymers of South East Asia believed that the first … Read more

Tortoiseshell kittens

Tortoiseshell kitten

Tortoiseshell kittens are very cute but they are also a big responsibility, so bringing a kitten into your home is not a decision to be taken lightly. Your kitten is likely to live for 15-20 years, so you need to be able to provide a warm and loving home for her – and she will … Read more


All About Torties

One of the distinctive features of a tortie is her strong and forceful personality, which is often known as ‘Tortitude’. Although there is no scientific evidence to support this, Tortoiseshell cat owners will usually have plenty of Tortitude stories to tell if you give them a chance!Tortoiseshell Cat PersonalityTorties are very possessive of their owners, … Read more