MiauStore Cat Water Fountain Review

Maui Store Cat Fountain Review
  • Quality Ceramic Cat Water Fountain
  • Several different drinking areas
  • Easy to set up
  • No filter required

Does your cat drink enough water?

To be honest this is not something we considered very hard until we came across the Miau Store Cat Fountain. After all, we left out a bowl of water for our cat next to her feeding bowl and changed it every so often. She gets out and about as well, so we just assumed that she drank from puddles, pools and any other source of water when she needed it.

But then we thought about it. How often did we really change her water? It was only every few days when we remembered and her bowl did have a pretty nasty looking scummy line around the water edge quite a lot of the time. The bowl never seemed to be empty, so she can’t have been drinking very much.

The Miau Store Cat Fountain claims to change all of this by offering fresh, running water for your cat with multiple drinking areas and a stylish, modern appearance.

The fresh water makes sure that your cat drinks enough as well as providing a number of health benefits, so as it was coming up to Christmas we thought we would treat Flo (our cat) with a brand new fountain!

The fountain took a few days to arrive, but we were kept up date with the status of the delivery and even given a one hour time slot on the day it was due. This wasn’t convenient, so we changed it to a nearby pick up location which worked very well.

We decided to put the fountain right next to Flo’s current feeding station which consists of a very basic food and water bowl combination. One thing that is worth considering is that the fountain does need to be plugged in so you will need an electricity source nearby.

It didn’t take too long to set the fountain up and soon the water was bubbling through the spring and into the various drinking pools. We had to make sure there was enough water in the system, but once we had added a few jug fulls the clever pumping system did the rest.

Cat Fountain Review
Cat Fountain Review

So did Flo like her new fountain?

She wasn’t too sure about it at first (we have found she takes some time to get accustomed to anything new like beds, scratching posts etc). But after checking the fountain out for a few minutes, she settled down for a nice long drink from one of the pools.

We can’t measure exactly how much she is drinking, but she definitely drinks more often from the fountain than previously from her water bowl. She visits the fountain a few times a day and often combines this with one of her meals.

Hopefully this will be beneficial to her health and the fountain also makes a very attractive addition to her feeding area. It gets plenty of great comments from visitors so is now set to be a permanent feature in our home.

The Miau Store Cat Fountain is very reasonably priced and is available in several different colours. There are also optional extras such as a motion sensor, a cat grass bowl and a waterproof silicone mat.

Although it doesn't require a filter, it is important to clean your fountain regularly as otherwise dirt and hair can build up. However, this is an easy job and saves a lot of money on filter replacements.

The Miau Store Cat Fountain is just one of the fountains available for your cat. Check out our reviews of the other cat water fountains available.

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