The colours of Tortoiseshell Cats

Tortoiseshell Cats have a beautiful coat made up of a rich tapestry of colours, and this site is dedicated to our favourite cats! A huge number of colours can be found in the coat of a ‘tortie’, and these cats will usually have brindled coats with patches of orange, red, chocolate and white.

The size of the patches can vary greatly, from fine flecks to large areas of colour – but this can give your cat the appearance of a mini tiger – especially when she settles down for a cleaning session on her hind legs!

The beautiful colours are a result of a complex genetical pattern which can only occur in female cats – although around 1 in 3000 torties are born as a male. If this does happen, you will have a very rare cat on your hands, although he is very likely to be sterile.

A mainly white cat with larger patches of red and brown is a ‘Tortoiseshell and white’ if you are here in the UK, or a calico, if you are one of our visitors from the USA or Canada. The patches of colour are larger and more distinct on a calico than a tortoiseshell.

This site will bring you all that you need to know about Tortoiseshell cats, from their unique personality known as ‘Tortitude’, to tips to looking after kittens, how to kit out your home and more.

Folklore suggests that torties bring good luck to their owners, and we think that they make the perfect pets – bringing bundles of love, fun and enjoyment to your home.

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