Pettex Cat Litter

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Pettex cat litter is produced by Pettex, a British run, family company that has been operating for over 60 years and is one of the leading pet trade companies in the UK.

Pettex produce a number of different products for a variety of animals including bedding for hamsters and mice as well as rocks, gravel and fish food for aquatic creatures.

The company is probably best known for the range of Pettex cat litter, with several different varieties available. We have produced an easy to use guide to the litter options available.

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Pettex Cat Litter Reviews

As Pettex provide a number of different options of cat litter, we have reviewed each in detail below - starting with the Pettex Premium Grey Cat Litter.

Pettex Premium Grey Cat Litter

  • Clumping cat litter made from natural grey product
  • Includes a unique sieving system which makes the clumps easy to remove
  • Minimises odours

Pettex Premium Grey Cat Litter is a natural clay product, manufactured from pure grey fullers earth which occurs in natural sedimentary deposits. One of the main features of Pettex Premium Grey Cat Litter is the unique sieving system, which enhances the clumping nature of the litter making the clumps very distinctive and easy to remove.

The original formula of this Pettex cat litter also helps to create a more economical dust free litter, and the natural minerals contained in the product help to minimise the unpleasant odours associated with cat litter.

If you are considering using this type of litter, then it may be worth investing and using a deeper litter tray. Some cats prefer to scratch in a deeper litter tray and if the level of the litter is not deep enough then the waste may sink to the bottom of the tray and not clump together properly as intended.

Pettex Pampuss Woodbase Cat Litter

  • Made from unique, pine fresh wood pellets
  • Economical and environmentally friendly
  • Easy to dispose of

There are several other types of litter available in the Pettex range, and one of the best selling and most popular is the Pettex Pampuss Woodbase Cat Litter.

This is manufactured from unique recycled pine fresh wood pellets, which are highly absorbent, light to handle and easy to dispose of. It has a nice, fresh woody smell, it is easy to use as well as being economical and environmentally friendly.

One of the advantages of wood pellet cat litter is that the pellets are biodegradable so the used litter can be scooped out of the tray and placed in the food waste bin or the compost heap.

The Pettex Pampuss Woodbase Cat Litter is available in a very large 30kg bag. This is a very large and heavy bag, but it should keep you going for a while!

Pettex Silica Cat Litter

  • No clumps to scoop
  • Special formula means granules remain dry to touch after absorbing liquid.
  • Eliminates urine odour
  • Non toxic and biodegradable

Silica cat litter is not as widely used as other kinds of cat litter, however it has a number of advantages and Pettex is one of a number of brands to include silica cat litter as part of their range.

The litter comprises of very absorbent sodium silicate, and Pettex silica cat litter includes micro-pores which instantly soak up moisture, keeping the granules dry to the touch even after the cat has used the tray. Moisture evaporates off and each granule continues to work in the tray

This means that it is extremely easy to use and you won't need to change the tray as often as with other forms of cat litter. There are no clumps to scoop, and odours are controlled as the strong odour molecules stay bonded in the crystals.

Although Pettex silica cat litter can be more expensive than other types of litter, it provides good value for money as a bag will last for longer.

Pettex Clean Paws Super Clumping Cat Litter

  • Includes super clumping micro granules
  • Longer lasting than other clumping litters
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Eliminates odours

This premium clumping cat litter by Pettex raises the standard for clumping cat litters across the board.

It includes high quality, super clumping micro granules, which means that the used granules clump together well but the clean litter falls through the scoop back into the tray and reduces waste.

Another benefit is that Pettex Clean Paws cat litter is environmentally friendly, as it is produced from the only natural source of Sodium Bentonite in the world.

Similarly to Pettex silica cat litter, this litter is usually more expensive to purchase but it will last longer as there is less waste. It can therefore work out more economical in the long run.

A great option if you prefer a clumping litter, and like most leading brands of cat litter this product will also reduce odours through the natural scent and dust free properties.


The different varieties of Pettex cat litter mean that there should be an option for most cat owners within the range. All Pettex products are made from high quality materials to ensure that you get value for money no matter which option you choose.

An excellent option when looking for the best litter for your cat.

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