Outdoor Cat Litter Tray

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An outdoor cat litter tray can be useful for a variety of different reasons, and although most of the litter trays available are for indoor use there are some litter boxes that are designed to be kept outside.

Benefits of an Outdoor Cat Litter Tray

The main benefits of an outdoor cat litter tray are:

  • It will reduce the amount of waste inside the house, even if used in conjunction with an indoor tray. This is especially useful if you have multiple cats, as it is recommended to provide at least one tray per cat.

  • Many cats don’t like using indoor litter trays, especially if they spend a lot of time outdoors. Although being outside is great for the cat’s wellbeing, this can mean that cat waste appears on yours or your neighbour’s garden if they don’t come inside to use the litter tray.

  • An outdoor cat litter tray is a great solution for this, as it will provide the cat with somewhere private to use the toilet while at the same time it consolidates the waste to a single area.

  • This will make cleaning the outdoor area much easier as well as providing peace of mind that your cat is not leaving their waste around the neighbourhood.

It is possible to build your own outdoor cat litter tray, but another option is this Cosmic Outdoor Cat Litter Tray by Ferplast.

Cosmic Outdoor Cat Litter Tray

  • Waterproof material keeps your cat dry.
  • Easy for cats to access but keeps out dogs
  • Plenty of space for your cat inside
  • Easy to clean

This litter tray is made from hardy thermoplastic resin, and it features a robust hood which is waterproof so it will keep out any moisture and will protect your cat against the elements.

This newly designed tray features an innovative entrance system, which includes a tunnel to lead the cat inside. This makes it easy for the cat to access the tray, but is much more difficult for dogs you may want to keep out of the litter tray.

Inside the litter tray, there is plenty of privacy and space for even the largest of cats and the high sided base keeps the litter from spilling out.

It is also easy to clean, as the hood can be unhooked from the base during cleaning. The safe sealing system prevents the tray from opening accidentally.

This outdoor cat litter tray is the ideal solution for cats that just don’t like using indoor litter trays or if you have a problem with the cat using gardens or similar areas as a toilet. It is also a great option if you have a small dog in the household as it means they won’t be able to access the litter.

The futuristic design with black and white colours looks good on the patio, the balcony or just outside the back door – and this tray can also be used inside as it comes with an active carbon filter to prevent the spreading of odours.

If you do decide to use an outdoor cat litter tray, you will still need to decide upon the best cat litter to use in the tray. Check out our Ultimate Cat Litter Guide on our for tips and advice!

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