How to keep your cat indoors at night

Tortoiseshell cats are very inquisitive animals, and although some cats are happy to stay indoors you will probably find that your tortie loves to get out to prowl in the garden and explore her territory in the neighbourhood.

However, even if she is out and about for much of the day, it is recommended to keep your cat indoors at night if you can. Cats are natural hunters, so they are more likely to catch their prey at night and they will also face dangers from traffic in the hours of darkness.

Tortoiseshell cats love the twilight hours, so especially during the spring and summer months you may find that she is out of the house when you want to shut the house down – so we have some tips on how to keep your cat indoors at night.

There are several tactics that you could use to make sure that she comes when you call her – does she have a favourite game that she likes to play such as helping you to water the garden? If you try running the watering can you may find that she magically appears so you can then bring her inside.

Alternatively, you can try jingling her favourite toy or rattling her ball so that she wants to come and play – or if none of the above work then you can always rustle the packet of treats that you probably have stored in the kitchen! Make sure that you reward her with lots of praise and attention when she does come so that she knows what is good for her, and it will also help if she has a warm and comfortable bed to settle down in for the night. She will then be well rested for the morning.

How do you get your tortie to come home at night? We would love to hear your stories!

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  1. We like to keep our beautiful tortie Molly inside at night, she prefers this too especially when its cold out and now she is in her senior years we like to keep her indoors more.. If she can sleep on her humans at night time shes at her happiest but sometime just a warm dressing gown at the end of the bed will do. Shes my baby girl our princess kitty .. such a good hearted cat… never scratches or bites no matter where you stroke her.. even on her paws and belly!


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