Litter Tray Liners

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Litter tray liners are an optional accessory to cat litter trays that line the tray before it is filled with litter. This means that the messy job of emptying and cleaning the litter tray should be much easier, as the used litter can be gathered within the litter tray liner and disposed of easily.

Litter tray liners are widely available from the same manufacturers that provide the best selling litter trays, so it is usually advised to purchase the liners at the same time as the tray and to make sure they fit. Several different types of liners are available, from basic litter tray liners to sifting cat litter liners which are also known as cat litter liners with holes.

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Benefits of using Litter Tray liners

  • The main benefit of using cat litter tray liners is that they are hygienic and help to keep the litter tray clean. The liner will stop the waste and the urine from reaching the sides and the bottom of the tray, so the soiled litter is easy to remove and it provides a much more hygienic environment for your home.
  • This also makes cleaning and scrubbing the litter much easier, as the tray will have been protected from the litter and the waste. It is still recommended to give the tray a good scrub every few weeks or every month to make sure you get of all the bacteria.
  • Litter tray liners are very cheap, with a pack of 10 liners from Trixie available for just a few pounds this makes each liner extremely economical.

Disadvantages of using Litter Tray liners

Despite the apparent convenience and wide availability of litter tray liners, not all cat owners are keen advocates of liners as they also come with some disadvantages as below:

  • Cats have sharp claws, so this means that if they are scratching around in a litter tray with a liner then it may rip or tear. Many liners claim to be scratch resistant, but if the liner does tear this means that some of the litter or waste can escape between the liner and the bottom of the tray, making the tray more difficult to clean than if the liner wasn’t there.
  • It is important to make sure that the liner fits the litter tray correctly, as otherwise the liner can bunch up creating folds where waste can gather. This can make the tray more difficult to clean as well as being unpleasant for the cat.

Sifting Litter Box Liners

As well as the traditional litter tray liners which keep the tray clean and easy to change, sifting litter box liners are also available.

These types of liners are cat litter liners with holes, and they allow you to ‘sift’ the litter so that the clumps remain in the bag and the clean litter is sifted back into the tray and is not wasted.

A recommended brand of sifting cat litter box liners is the Neat ‘N Tidy Litter Sifting Liners. These come in a pack of 28 (about a month's supply), so you place all of the liners in the litter tray and use with clumping litter.

As you change the litter tray on a daily basis, simply lift out the top liner with the soiled clumps and the clean litter ‘sifts’ through to the next liner in the pile.

Cat Litter Tray Liners Reviews

A wide range of different litter box liners are available, and as liners are generally very cheap it is worth paying a little bit more for some good quality liners.

Trixie Cat Litter Tray Bags

  • Strong and tough liners
  • Available in packs of 10
  • Good size
  • Measures 46 x 59cm

These Trixie litter tray liners are a very good size so they will fit most litter trays, and they are also strong and tough which is important if there is a medium to large size cat using the tray.

We have recommended this multi pack as this is a more economical way to buy your liners in the long run.

Viracare Litter Tray Liners

  • Heavy duty litter tray liners
  • Biodegradable
  • Includes drawstring feature

Another very good option are these litter tray liners from Viracare.

The liners are strong and tough and the drawstring makes it easy to clean up the litter tray. They are made from natural materials which means they are biodegradable and good for the environment.

They come in a pack of 20 with a capacity of 2 litres for each.

Pettiny Litter Tray Liners

  • Made from recycled materials
  • Extra strong material
  • Pack of 20 liners 
  • Leakproof bags with drawstring

Petting Litter Tray liners have a number of benefits, one of which is that they are environmentally friendly as they are made from recycled material.

They are also extra strong and tough, using a special polymer density blend to make sure they are scratch and tear resistant.

These litter tray liners have dimensions of 87 x 41cm, so they are ideal for medium to large size trays up to 54cm x 40cm. They also have the drawstring feature so it is easy to tidy up the litter and keep the tray clean.

Bob Martin Cat Litter Tray Liners

  • Ideal for medium trays
  • Made from recycled plastic
  • 12 packs of 6 liners

Our final recommendation is Bob Martin Cat Litter Tray liners.

These liners are also made from recycled plastic, and they are easy to use, anti-bacterial and will fit most medium sized cat litter trays.


There are plenty more varieties of litter tray liners available, but the most important consideration is to make sure that your cat is comfortable using the tray when a liner is included.

A litter tray liner can make the job of cleaning out the litter tray more bearable, but make sure your liner fits well, it is nice and strong and it is suitable for your cat to use.

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