Tortoiseshell cats in spring

The warm and sunny weather has been very welcome in the last few weeks after the long, wet and miserable winter that we have been through.

We are sure that your tortie did not enjoy the rain, dark and floods – and they probably spent most of the winter curled up in a warm and cosy bed (maybe it was a heated cat bed)!

It is a different story now that the clocks have gone forward and spring has finally arrived, which means that the evenings are much lighter and there is more daylight for us all to enjoy. This is a fantastic time of year when we can all discard our winter coats and the countryside comes into bloom – and you will probably find that your tortie springs into life as well and spends less and less time in the house (unless she is sleeping or eating).

We find that she really enjoys the hours in the late afternoon and early evening when she can get out to play with her friends or to explore the neighbourhood. The cat flap gets plenty of use as she comes in and out of the house!

This is also the time of year when she will enjoy hunting if you let your tortoiseshell cat go outside, and the twilight hours are the prime time for this. If you would rather she didn’t bring home some unwanted presents (and we are sure that you are rather she did not), then check out some of our tips for keeping your cat indoors at night.

It can be worrying if your tortie decides to stay out much later than you want her to – but if you have provided a warm and loving home then she will know what is best for her. Where else can she display all of that tortitude and get away with it!

What has your tortie been up to now that spring has arrived? Let us know about her adventures and we would love to see some pictures to add to our gallery!

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