Catsan Cat Litter

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Catsan cat litter is renowned for being of the highest quality, and with Catsan products having been available for over 25 years it is one of the leading brands of cat litter currently available.

Catsan cat litter is available in several different varieties, from the highly absorbent Catsan Hygiene Litter to the Catsan Smart Pack as well as clumping and natural wood options.

We have summarised the Catsan cat litter variations in the easy to use table, and also reviewed each litter in more detail later in this post.

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Catsan Cat Litter Reviews

Catsan Hygiene Litter

  • Market leading
  • Non clumping cat litter
  • Helps prevent odours
  • Highly absorbent

Catsan Hygiene Litter is a market leading, non-clumping cat litter that keeps the litter tray clean and hygienic for your cat as well as providing optimum protection from those unpleasant odours

Consisting of natural quartz sand and chalk which gives it a clean white colour, Catsan Hygiene Litter is able to perform to these very high standards and quickly absorb and lock away a large amount of moisture like a sponge. This is due to the thousands of micropores on the surface of the litter, and maintains a noticeably cleaner tray.

As well as being extra absorbent, Catsan Hygiene Litter also neutralises the odours associated with cat litter thanks to active ingredients that prevent the growth of bacteria. This means that you should only need to fully change and clean the litter tray once or twice per week as well as removing solids as they occur. You should make sure the tray is completely dry before refilling.

Catsan Hygiene Litter is also extremely low in dust, very lightweight and easy to use – so although it can be a little more expensive than some other equivalent brands it offers great value.

Catsan Smart Pack

  • Combines Catsan Hygiene Litter with absorbent layer at the bottom of the tray
  • Very easy to install
  • Keeps the tray clean

The Catsan Smart Pack is a unique litter tray system which combines Catsan Hygiene Litter with a very absorbent micro-fleece layer which sits at the bottom of the tray.

This means that you simply have to unroll the liner over the edge of your litter tray to install the system very quickly, and when you need to change the tray you can pull the tape to make a bag which can be easily disposed.

The absorbent pad at the bottom of the tray means that the litter will stay drier for longer, and also makes the tray much cleaner and more attractive to the cat.

Catsan Hygiene Litter and the Catsan Smart Pack are both especially recommended for kittens, who benefit from having a clean and non clumping litter as discussed in our post on how to litter train a kitten.

If you are able to successfully introduce Catsan Hygiene Litter and/or the Smart Pack to your kitten then you should also find there is very little problem in continuing to use this litter as they grow into adults.

Catsan Clumping Cat Litter

  • Forms compact clumps that are easy to remove
  • Great value for a quality litter
  • Effective at preventing the growth of bacteria and odours

All cats are different, and if your cat prefers clumping litter then Catsan provide this option as well.

Litter trays of clumping litter will not need to be changed as often, and Catsan clumping litter consists of very fine clay granules that form small and firm lumps when they come into contact with moisture.

This means that it is easy to remove them from the tray when required, with only clean and dry litter remaining in the tray so there is less time for odours to develop.

It is recommended to change the entire litter tray every couple of weeks, and to give it a good clean as well!

Catsan Natural Clumping Cat Litter

  • Clumping litter with eco-conscious granules
  • Long lasting odour control
  • Low dust with a pleasant, natural scent

A final variation of Catsan cat litter is the natural clumping litter they provide.

This includes all of the benefits of clumping litter, and comprises of natural, eco-conscious granules so it is environmentally friendly and much better for the planet than some more traditional, clay based litters.

This litter ensures reliable and long lasting odour control, absorbing moisture and locking away moisture in the clumps before odours can develop.

Catsan natural clumping litter is also low in dust and easy to maintain so it is a great option for you and your cat.


With such a great variety of litters available, Catsan cat litter has you covered as you can choose from clumping, non-clumping or a natural wood product.

It is one of the best brands of cat litter around and highly recommended for cats and their owners.

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