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A cat might look healthy on the outside, but it might be infected with worms that cause a lot of internal harm. As a responsible pet owner, it’s your job to find the best cat wormer to keep your pet in perfect health. 

In this article, we’ll list the features of the best cat wormer. We’ll also suggest the best products for your pet to keep them in good health.

We have reviewed our preferred cat wormers in detail later in this article, but if you are in a hurry we have also prepared this easy to use table. 

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How Do Cats Get Worms?

Cats get worms from birth as the worms are passed through the placenta from the mother’s body to the kitten. They also get worms by getting in contact with the eggs found in the faeces of infected cats. 

In some cases, cats can get worms after eating rodents that are infected with worms. Fleas also transfer worms to the feline’s body when they bite it. If cats eat fleas that are infected with worms, they will also get infected. 

Tapeworms, roundworms, and hookworms live inside the body and harm the internal organs. They deprive the cat’s body of the essential nutrients, so your cat will be in bad health.

Symptoms that your Cat Has Worms

Here are a few signs that your cat is infested with worms.

  • Your cat has blood or mucus in the faeces.
  • Seeing actual worms in faeces.
  • Vomiting and coughing.
  • Having dull fur and unhealthy skin.
  • Weight loss and loss of appetite.
  • The cat has a swollen belly.

Features of a Good Cat Wormer

Finding the best worm treatment will keep your feline in perfect health. Here are a few features that should be found in the best cat wormer.


You need to make sure that the formula is fast enough to kill all the worms in the cat’s body. This way, you can help the cat avoid the deadly consequences of living with worms. You’ll also be able to protect other cats in the house from future infestation. 

Easy Application

Worm treatments are available in several forms. Topical treatments are easy to apply, but you need to make sure that your cat isn’t allergic to the formula. 

Liquid formulas can be applied directly into the cat’s mouth. If your cat doesn’t like the taste of the formula, you can mix it with food or drinks. 

You can also choose tablets or pills that your cat will consume before or after meals. If the tablets are too big, you will need to crush them. 

Adequate Effect

Make sure that you’re picking the right treatment for your pet. Some formulas are designed for all types of worms, while others will only work for tapeworms. 

Suitable Age

You must check the age recommendation for the formula. Some treatments aren’t designed for kittens and can be dangerous or even fatal. Most treatments can be used if your feline is older than 6 weeks old or weighs more than 1 kilogram. 

Reviews of the Best Cat Wormers

Worm infestations can cause mild to moderate symptoms in older cats. However, if you have a kitten or your cat is heavily infested with worms, the consequences can be serious or even fatal. Check out our top picks to help prevent this:

Paw Originals 100% Natural Wormwood Formula

  • Potent All Natural Formula
  • Suitable for both older and younger cats
  • Long-lasting results
  • Easy to use

Formulated to support a healthy intestinal tract, this all-natural formula is an excellent choice for younger and older cats.

It doesn’t contain any chemicals, so you can safely use it even if your cat is allergic, and it gets rid of the worms fast to keep your furry baby comfortable and healthy. 

The results are guaranteed and long-lasting, so you can rest assured knowing that your cat is in perfect health. You can apply the formula directly into your pet’s mouth, in the food or water.

It’s easy to use and doesn’t react with the food, so you know that your cat will be in perfect health. It is worth bearing in mind that some cats will take more time to feel better as the results take some time. 

Droncit Spot-on Tubes for Cats

  • Is applied to the back of the neck
  • Works fast and guarantees long-lasting results
  • Suitable for cats that won’t eat tablets
  • Doesn't work for kittens

This potent formula can be directly applied to the skin at the back of the head to keep your cat healthy and comfortable. The results are fast and guaranteed, so you can help your cat avoid the nasty consequences of tapeworm infestation. 

This treatment will work if your cat wouldn’t eat the tablets that are designed to get rid of worms or if a liquid formula doesn’t work for them. It shows very fast results, and in about 24 hours, your cat will be worms-free. 

You should use this formula according to the weight of the cat. A smaller cat would need 1 tube, while an older one would need 2 tubes. However, this formula doesn’t work for kittens and any cat that weighs under 1 kilogram.

Beaph-ar Worm Clear

  • Potent tablets that work fast
  • Works for older and younger cats after the age of 6 weeks
  • Effectively kills roundworms and tapeworms
  • Can be crushed or added to food

Give your cat the best vet-grade treatment with these tablets. Each packet contains 2 tablets that you can use to eliminate worm infestation in your kitty. One dose is enough to kill the worms and keep your kitty healthy, so they can avoid the long-term consequences of worms. 

This formula is designed to keep tapeworms and roundworms. It can be used starting from the age of 6 weeks, so it will work if you’re adopting a cat from this age.

Some cats might not be tempted to eat the tablets, so you can break them into a smaller size to help the cat swallow them effortlessly without choking on them. The tablets might be too big for some cats, but you can crush the tablets and add them to food. 

Bob Martin Clear Spot On Wormer for Cats

  • Fast-acting formula
  • Treats tapeworm for up to 1 month
  • Easy to apply at the base of the neck
  • Suitable for cats and kittens over 1kg

This professional-grade treatment is available without a prescription and acts fast to remove tapeworms from the cat’s body. It can be used for younger and older cats, after the age of 6 weeks. It can be used for up to 1 month to keep your cat healthy. 

It’s easy to apply at the cat’s neck, so you can use it if your cat doesn’t want to consume a liquid  formula. You can expect your feline to improve and the tapeworms to disappear within 24 hours, thanks to the fast-acting formula.

It doesn’t get into the cat’s system, so it’s safe to use if your kitty is allergic. However, this treatment can’t be mixed with flea treatments and doesn’t work for roundworms.


The best wormer will keep your cat in perfect health. We chose the Paw Originals 100% Natural Wormwood Formula as our top choice for the best wormer because it can be used directly, mixed with water, or applied to food. It’s fast-acting and potent enough to help your kitty get rid of worms fast.  

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