World’s Best Cat Litter

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World's Best Cat Litter is one of the most consistently popular brands of cat litter from the many that are available on the market.

This cat litter gets fantastic reviews and it is named as if it does the business – so does the reality of The World’s Best Cat Litter live up to the hype?

Advantages of World's Best Cat Litter

The litter is made from organic, whole kernel corn and this has several advantages over other types of litter.

Ease of use – The litter is easy to use as it is a clumping litter, so this means that the corn kernels clump together when they come into contact with moisture.

The litter forms strong and easy to scoop clumps which can then be disposed of, which is an advantage as some cheaper scooping litters will disintegrate more easily.

Organic material – As it is made from natural materials, the World’s Best Cat Litter is good for your cat and doesn’t pose any sort of danger to their health or to your well being.

Although no cat litter is completely dust free, this is as close as you will get and there are no harmful clays or dust reducing agents for your cat to ingest.

This litter would also be suitable for kittens who may be liable to ingest litter when they are in the tray. Read more about litter training for kittens.

Odour control – The large surface area of the corn means that it can effectively trap odours and limit the amount of smell produced by the litter tray. Again, it is impossible to completely remove odours from cat litter – but the World’s Best Cat Litter does a very good job!

Tracking – this is an important factor as it can be very unhygienic for litter to stick to the cat’s paws while it is in the tray.

Flushable – We have covered flushable cat litter in another post, and the original formula of this litter is one of the leading brands of flushable cat litter.

The clumps from the litter tray will disintegrate again when they come into contact with the water in the toilet, so they can be safely flushed away.

Disadvantages of World's Best Cat Litter

Cost – It is difficult to find a problem with the performance and safety of World’s Best Cat Litter, but one disadvantage is the cost.

This is not the cheapest cat litter on the market, but as with anything in life you will get what you pay for so even if it is more expensive than some other brands or cheaper, value options the benefits of performance should outweigh the extra price.

It has also been found that the litter at the bottom the litter tray can turn dusty after several scoopings. However, as with any cat litter, it is recommend to completely change the litter tray on a regular basis so if this does happen it is probably time to reload with some fresh kernels.


The World’s Best Cat Litter is available in different varieties including Original formula, Extra Strength and Multiple Clumping litter.

The Original Formula offers all of the features mentioned above, while Extra Strength offers a harder clumping, natural litter. The Multiple Clumping Litter is suitable if you have more than one cat, as it forms harder clumps that are easy to scoop.

As the Extra Strength and multiple litter form larger clumps, then they cannot be flushed like Original Formula.

The World’s Best Cat Litter is available in several different sizes, and although it is usually more expensive than most other brands it still provides excellent value and is one of the best choices for cat litter as it will last for a long time and is premium quality.

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