Tortoiseshell cat insurance

One important thing to consider when you are bringing a tortoiseshell cat or kitten into your home is to make sure that you take out an adequate insurance policy. Although we would always advise that you take out a full programme of vaccinations for your tortie while she is a kitten, there is still the possibility that she could develop an illness resulting in some unexpected visits to the vets. Tortoiseshell cats are also very inquisitive, and although none of us would like to think about it there is always the chance that she could get involved in an accident or even get lost.

If your tortoiseshell cat does develop an illness or get injured, then this can be very upsetting for you so the last thing that you need to be worrying about is if you can afford the vets fees. These can get very expensive, and although a standard consultation will probably only set you back around £30, if she require ongoing treatment for conditions like diabetes then the cost will soon mount up.

If she requires X-rays or even surgery, then costs can rocket into the hundreds or even thousands of pounds so this is why it is always advisable to have a good insurance policy in place.

There are dozens of good policies in the market place, but a particularly good policy is with John Lewis. They will provide cover for up to £12,000 per year for vet fees, as well as the cost of advertising should your cat get lost as well as the cost of treatments and phyiostherapy. They can cover your kitten from 8 weeks old and there is no upper age limit.. Costs start from around £5 per month so there is no excuse not to have her covered for all eventualities!

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