Flushable Cat Litter

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Flushable cat litter is just one of the many types of cat litter available today, and it is an excellent option for cat owners that are concerned about the environment and wish to avoid filling their rubbish bins with bags of soiled litter.

There are several brands of high quality flushable cat litter available, and we have summarised some of our favourites in this easy to use table below.

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Benefits of Flushable Cat Litter

Traditional cat litter is made of clay, which has to be disposed with the weekly rubbish as it forms a very hard, cement like constitution in water. This means that traditional clay litter cannot be flushed down the toilet as it would clog up the pipes and systems, so it needs to be disposed of in landfill where it can remain for a very long time.

This means that although traditional cat litter is more economical than most other types of cat litter, many pet owners are turning to solutions such as flushable cat litter which are more environmentally friendly.

Cat Litter You Can Flush Down the Toilet

A good quality flushable cat litter is not only more environmentally friendly, it is also very convenient as it means that the litter can simply be scooped out of the tray and flushed down the toilet. This also helps to reduce some of the odours associated with cat litter as well as having hygiene benefits.

Best Flushable Cat Litters UK

There are flushable cat litter options available on the market and some of the recommended brands are:

World's Best Cat Litter

  • Market leading product
  • Made from whole kern cornels
  • More expensive but lasts longer

This brand is the market leader in flushable cat litter with a quality product that is made from natural, whole kernel corn.

One of the key features of The World’s Best Cat Litter is that after the litter clumps together when it comes into moisture in the tray, the clumps then disintegrate when they come into water again so they can be safely flushed down the toilet. This means it is easy to scoop out the used parts of the litter and it also avoids the smells and hygiene issues mentioned above.

The World’s Best Cat Litter is more expensive than most other brands but you will use less of this litter as you don’t have to change the whole tray and you will find that a bag will last much longer.

Cat's Best Oko Plus Litter

  • Wood based cat litter
  • 100% biodegradable
  • Effectively combats odours

An alternative to The World’s Best Cat Litter and another option for flushable cat litter in the UK is Cat’s Best Oko Plus Litter.

This is the only wood based, clump-forming 100% biodegradable cat litter available, with the litter producing tightly bound clumps when coming into contact with moisture.

This means that the clumps can easily be removed from the litter tray, and depending on local disposal laws they can be safely flushed down the toilet. It is recommended to break the clumps down before flushing if possible.

This litter gets great reviews and is also effective in reducing odours. As the litter forms into such tightly bound clumps it is also great value as you won’t need to use as much of the litter compared to less expensive brands.

Almo Nature Cat Litter

  • Litter is produced using only vegetable fibres
  • Innovative formula means that waste clumps into a thin film on the surface
  • Non tracking

A third option for flushable litter available within the UK is Almo Nature Cat Litter.

This cat litter is produced using only vegetable fibres, so it is completely safe for your cat as well as being 100% biodegradable.

The litter includes an innovative formula which means that liquids are absorbed and remain trapped in a thin clump on the surface of the litter. The clumps are then easy to remove leaving the rest of the litter clean and ready to use.

The soiled clumps can then be safely disposed down the toilet, subject once again to local disposal laws.

This is an excellent option for flushable cat litter, as it is completely environmentally friendly and it is also non tracking and neutralises odours.

Although it is more expensive on a per kg basis, it is recommended that you only use 500g of litter per week for an average size cat – meaning that a 2.27kg bag should last you about a month.

Other brands and different options are available, and if you do choose to use flushable cat litter it may be worth trying several different products so that you can find which option works best for you and your cat. If you do decide to use flushable cat litter in the long term, you will enjoy the convenience and benefits that it provides.

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