Out and About

If your cat gets outside to explore the great outdoors, then it is important they have good quality equipment to use.

We have reviewed items such as cat harnesses, cat strollers and cat carriers and you can see all of our recommendations below.

Cat Carriers

Cat carriers are essential when you take your cat to the vet or in long journeys in the car.

A good carrier will keep your cat comfortable and secure while being easy to transport.

Our choice: morpilot Portable Pet Carrier

Cat Harnesses

Cats are agile creatures, so a cat harness can be useful to keep them safe outdoors.

There is a great range of cat harnesses which are comfortable as well as stylish.

Our choice: GAUTERF Escape Proof Cat Harness

Best Cat Trackers

Cats love to roam and can disappear for hours on end. 

A cat tracker can put the owners mind at rest and it is also fun to see where they go!

Our choice: Kippy - EVO - GPS Cat Tracker

Cat Strollers

A cat stroller can keep your cat comfortable when outside, and makes a good alternative to a cat harness or cat carrier.

They are a good option for cats that might fee uncomfortable or intimidated when going outside.

Our choice: Vida XL Cat Stroller

Quick Release Cat Collars

A quick release collar is essential to help your cat escape if they get stuck.

Choose from a great range of collars to also help them look good!

Our choice: BOW CALICO Reflective Cat Collars with Bells