In The Home

Even if your cat likes to explore outside, she will spend most of her time indoors so it is important to make sure she is comfortable and feels at home.

We have put together comprehensive product reviews of everything your cat will need, from cat beds and scratching posts to luxurious cat sofas and microchip cat flaps.

Best Cat Scratching Post

A good scratching post is important to provide somewhere for your cat to stretch, sharpen their claws and mark their territory.

Read about why cats scratch, features of a good scratching post and what else to look for when making your choice.

Our choice: Ancol Fatboy scratching post

Cat Window Screens and Guards

A cat window screen is a good way to keep fresh air flowing while keeping your cat safe from open windows.

A good cat window screen should be strong and durable but shouldn't feel restrictive for the cat.

Our choice: MYCARBON Window Screen

Heated Cat Beds

A heated cat bed or blanket will keep your cat warm even on the coldest winter night.

They are also very good options for elderly cats or those that sleep in cold places like sheds or conservatories

Our choice: Mora Pets Self Heating Blanket

Cat Radiator Beds

A radiator cat bed hooks over the top of your radiator to provide a warm and cozy place to sleep.

They are generally best for smaller cats, but are available in various different shapes and sizes!

Our choice: Quality Pet Products Radiator Cat Bed

Cat Heating Pads

A cat heating pad is easy to transport and a great way to ensure your cat keeps warm.

They provide a comforting place to rest and some of the best models have a clever thermal material inside that reflects the cats heat back to them

Our choice: Mora Pets Cat Self Heating Pad

Wicker Cat Beds

A wicker cat bed will provide a comfy place for your cat to snooze, as well as look stylish in your home.

They are strong and durable, and also great for the environment.

Our choice: JVL Full Buff Wicker Cat Basket

Luxury Cat Beds

Treat your cat with a luxury cat bed!

Cats spend 12-16 hours a day asleep so make sure they have some luxurious to rest

Our choice: Rosewood 40 Winks Tweed Cat Bed

Donut Cat Beds

Donut cat beds are super soft, comfy and will be somewhere your cat will love to sleep.

They have raised sides, so they provide security and provide very good sleep.

Our choice: LONTG Donut Cat Bed

Best Microchip Cat Flaps

A microchip cat flap means that only your cat can access your home through the cat flap.

They are easy to install and a great way to keep your home and your cat safe.

Our choice: SureFlap Cat Flap with Microchip Identification

Cat Kennels

A good cat kennel can provide somewhere private for your cat to rest and sleep undisturbed if the house is too noisy.

Our choice: Mr Snugs KatDen Outdoor Cat Kennel

Large Cat Trees

Large cat trees are like activity centres with play areas and platforms for your cat to rest and observe.

They are incredible feats of engineering and will be a feature of your home.

Our choice: Yaheetech Multi Level Cat Tower

Floor to Ceiling Cat Trees

Some cat trees are so large they reach all the way to the ceiling!

A floor to ceiling cat tree will often include features such as hammocks, dangling toys and even scratching posts.

Our choice: Klife Floor to Ceiling Cat Tree

Outdoor Cat Houses

An outdoor cat house will provide your cat with a private place to rest and play.

They have great features such as balconies, stairs and cat flaps!

Our choice: dibea Lodge Cat House

Cat Scratching Barrels

Cats need to scratch to help them stretch and get exercise.

A cat scratching barrel makes a great alternative to a scratching post as they are often sturdier, wider with a larger area for a long, luxurious scratch.

Our choice: XXL Scratching Barrel

Cactus Cat Scratchers

A cactus cat scratcher is a fun way for your cat to enjoy scratching.

It will be a feature of your home and there are several different styles and designs available.

Our choice: Karlie designed by Lottie Cactus Cat Scratcher

Cat Sofas

A cat sofa is an upgrade on a normal cat bed and makes a luxurious place for your cat to rest. 

It will also make an attractive feature for your home.

Our choice: Pawhut Plush Cat Sofa Wooden Frame w/cushions

Wooden Cat Trees

The best wooden cat trees have multiple features to help your cat climb, scratch and rest.

They also look great and are good for the environment.

Our choice: Vesper V-High Base Cat Furniture Tree

Flower Cat Trees

A flower cat tree is a fun way of providing your cat with somewhere to stretch and scratch.

They come in all shapes and sizes and can include toys and perches to rest.

Our choice: Croci Natural Magnolia Tree

Best Kitten Beds

A kitten can spend up to 16 hours a day sleeping so it is important to choose a comfortable bed.

Choose from donut beds, igloos, cave beds and even fun banana beds!

Our choice: LONTG Calming Kitten Donut Bed

Banana Cat Beds

A banana cat bed is a fun way to provide somewhere for your cat to sleep.

It will be a feature of your home and a talking point for guests. It will also be comfy for your cat!

Our choice: iSunday Banana Peel Cat House an Bed

Shark Cat Beds

A shark cat bed is also a fun type of cat bed.

It can provide somewhere for them to hide and play as well as sleep.

Our choice: Zeller 14375 Shark Cat Bed

Pink Cat Beds

Pink cat beds are available in a number of different shades, colours and styles.

Your cat is sure to love a cute and fluffy pink cat bed!

Our choice: LvRao Pink Rectangle Cat Bed

Best Cat Tunnel

Cats love to explore, and they love confined spaces so a cat tunnel makes a great toy for them.

They can hideaway, play or even take a nap in a cat tunnel.

Our choice: OHANA Cat Tunnel in Suede

Petporte Smart Cat Flap Review

The Petporte Smart Cat Flap is easy to install and reads your cat's microchip, allowing access without the need for a collar.

One of the best microchip cat flaps available.

Petporte Smart Cat Flap

Best Carpet Cleaner for Cat Urine

Sometimes accidents do happen, so it is good to know how to keep your carpet fresh and clean.

Carpet cleaners need to be effective, designed for fabrics and at various price points.

Our choice: Naturally Gone Pet Odour Eliminator by Airpure