Strange weather

What a strange month it has been for weather so far! A glorious few days at the beginning of month heralded the arrival of spring…….only for winter to return with avengance last week with icy winds and heavy snowfall.

We are sure that torties all over the country have been confined to their warm and cosy beds while the snow falls, waiting for the beautiful spring weather so they can run off all that energy they seem to have outside! The cat flap seems to get extra use during this sort of weather, as she can’t decide whether to stay inside in the warm or out in the cold!

If your cat does go outside in the snow, she probably won’t stay out for long as the snow will make her paws wet which will mean extra cleaning when she does come back inside. If there are any sheltered areas in the garden, like some raised decking, garden tables or a shed area then she might go and hide in there for a while to get out of the cold.

Let us know if your tortie has been out in the snow and if she enjoyed herself! We would love to hear your stories and see some pictures!


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