Scatty Cat Kalahari Blue

Cosipet Scatty Cat Kalahari BlueBuy now from £14.85

It is a fact that cats love curling up in soft and cosy beds that they can quickly make their own and become their favourite place to sleep and rest.  Cosipet are a UK based company that offer the Scatty Bed collection as a fresh and contemporary range of pet furniture, and we think that your cat will love the Scatty Cat Kalahari Blue bed.

It comes in a choice of two sizes, and is an exciting electric blue colour that will add vibrancy to your home and a comfortable place for your cat to rest. The beds have a funky design that your cat will love, and the comfortable and snug fibre filled bed has a fully reversible and removable cushion which makes it easy for you to clean.

Choose from a small (18x16in) or medium (26×21 in) bed that will fit comfortably anywhere in your house. Priced at £14.85 for the small or £26.99 for the medium bed.

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