Rosewood Teddy Bear Cat Bed Review

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  • Provides a hideaway
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Compact and stylish
  • Easy to clean and maintain

The Rosewood Teddy Bear Cat Bed is just one of the high quality cat beds offered by Rosewood, a company that specialises in beds, toys and accessories for dogs and small animals as well as cats.

Provides a Hideaway

The Teddy Bear Cat Bed is really popular with cat owners as it combines a number of features which make it a great quality bed for a very reasonable price.

We all know that cats love to find a place to hide away, rest and call their own - and this is what the Rosewood Teddy Bear Cat Bed provides.

Soft and comfortable

The bed is like a small cave where the cat is able to retreat to when the house gets busy, but unlike a really cave this bed is very soft and comfortable!

As the name suggests, the bed is a teddy bear design and is made from very soft material throughout. This includes a soft, removable and washable cushion inside as well as tough stitching which gives the bed durability.

Compact and stylish

Another benefit of the Rosewood Teddy Bear Cat Bed is the size at just 38cm x 38cm.

This makes the bed very compact, and this is an important feature with many people living in smaller living spaces. It also means that it is ideal for kittens or smaller cats.

This bed will fit snugly into the corner of a room or into any nooks and crannies to the cat will have a space to call their own.

The Rosewood Teddy Bear Cat Bed also looks really cute and stylish, and will provide a talking point as well as fitting nicely into most living rooms.


This cat bed is very popular as it not only provides a comfortable bed for your cat, it also provides a retreat for them to use when they are feeling stressed out or the house is very busy.

This is very good for the health of cat, and not only that the bed is made from high quality material, looks stylish and is a very reasonable price. A great choice if you are looking for a luxury cat bed!

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