Danish Deisgn Cat Fleece Bed

Danish Design Cat Fleece Bed Buy now from £15.75

The latest soft cat bed that we have chosen to feature is the Danish Design Fleece Cat Bed. These are extremely cosy and luxurious beds for your cat as you can see from the illustration, and they are made from thermal Sherpa fleece fabric which means that she can snuggle up and get nice and warm and cosy on those colder evenings.

The bed has a funky paw design in a neutral beige colour, so it should look good in most living rooms or bedrooms, and there is a removable inner which makes it easy to wash. We have found this is a very important feature as cats spend so much time in their beds they end up getting covered in fur!

The Danish Design Fleece cat bed complies with all furniture regulations so it is perfectly safe, and it is available in two different sizes. The 16 inch bed costs £15.75 and the larger 20 inch bed is £19.89.

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