Cats playing football

7238437One of the great parts of being a cat owner is the chance to play and interact with her, which is fun for both of you and a great way to relax after a stressful day at work or school. One of the best ways for your cat to run off some of that excess energy that she always seems to have, is to have a game of football with her using a cheap but durable ball.

Find a ball with a rattle inside that she can chase after, and she will love to chase after the ball and try to get it off you. She will also enjoy retrieving it from under the sofa or any other pieces of furniture she can squeeze under that any stray shots might find themselves going towards. You can have great fun by trying to run past your cat with the ball to see if she can get it off you – or passing the ball into the corner of the room so that she can chase after it.

A quick rattle of the ball is also a very good distraction technique if you need her to come out of the bedroom or another place where she is getting up to mischief…but make sure that you play the game with her for a little while or she may not fall for that trick next time!

Is your tortie any good at football? Let us know if you ever play footy with your cat or any other games that she likes to play..

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