Catit scratcher White Tiger Stripes

Catit scratcher White Tiger StripesBuy now £6.95

The Catit scratcher White Tiger Stripes is different from conventional cat scratchers and provides a contemporary and stylish alternative to the traditional scratching post. It is designed to allow your cat to stretch out as she sharpens her claws, and she will love the corrugated scratching surface that will help her to remove the dead outer layer. It also includes catnip.

Place this Catit scratcher in an accessible place for your cat, and she will never need to sharpen her claws on your furniture again as she can stretch out to her full length and get some exercise at  the same time as she flexes her body and works off plenty of energy.

It is available in four patterned shapes, although our favourite is the White Tiger Stripes, as we think that torties look like mini tigers thanks to the patches of white, orange and red on their beautiful coats. This scratching board is a bargain at just £6.95 and will look great in your home.


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