Catching butterflies by the Buddleia

What a fantastic summer it has been, and while we have been enjoying the warmth and sunshine, it has been great weather for torties to get out and about as well. Although tortoiseshell cats like to keep cool and sleep during the heat of the day, they love getting out in the garden and one of their favourite activities is trying to catch some butterflies!

Buddleia’s are among the most popular garden plants as they provide colour and scent in your garden, and they are also a favourite of torties as they attract lots of butterflies! The butterflies are attracted by the nectar of the buddleia, so don’t be surprised to see your cat sitting by the plant for most of the afternoon waiting to catch her prey. She will be able to leap in the air really high to get them! She will probably bring some of them back into the house as a present for you, so you should be able to release them if you are there.

What other summer activities has your tortie been up to? Her favourite time of the day will probably be the evening when it is much cooler, so this will give her a chance to get around the neighbourhood to catch up with her furry friends. You may find she is going to bed later than you are at the moment. We would love to hear your summer tortie stories!

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